The Sparkling Hooters Spotlight

February 2014

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Executive Team Leader's Corner

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Already in November!! WOW! Time has flown and we really have come a long way. I am soooo proud of each and every one of you. I want to give a big shout of to everyone who is building their team and especially all the new promotions this month. Our titles are really growing. Congratulations to Jessica Butanda and Stephanie Bowers-Krueger who are our first and newest Senior Team Leaders. Congrats to their entire teams. Because of our entire team, this TEAM promoted to Executive Team Leader!!!!! It is all because of YOU!!

Our Group has over 500 Designers and we had our highest month of over $149,000.00 PV! WOW!!!!!! You are all amazing. I know right now we are going thru another change but I promise you it is only an other test to see if we are serious about where we want to be. This weekend, I attended the mastermind event. I learned a lot from these Millionaires. They drilled it into our head that successful people in this industry have a different mindset. I will be focusing on A LOT of what I learned this past weekend. WE WILL HAVE the team with the MOST DIRECTORS!!!! That has been my goal. I want you to envision what you want, not what you don't have or problems or issues but focus on what you truly plan to have in your life. There wasn't one speaking that didn't talk about mindset, the art of vision and self motivation. And so although our business is based on parties, bookings and recruiting.... I believe we need to do even more work mind shifting and believing in ourselves.

The last two months of 2013 are going to be amazing. We will be a MILLION DOLLAR TEAM this year!!!! How awesome is that??? What's our next goal? What is our next vision? Alone we are awesome but together WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

Don't you let anyone hold you back. Don't you believe anything except that you can do this. I believe in you and once you do...... WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!

Dont' forget about coaching. Reach out to your mentors, they are not mind readers. You have to let them know what you need. Mentors be sure to make time for coaching. You should be connecting with every member of your team atleast monthly. If you want your team to grow, you have got to put training and connection first. WE GOT THIS!!!!!!

To the best team in the world!!!!! ROCK ON ROCKSTARS!!!! (As Sarah Robbins would say)

Sparkling January Top Sales

Top January Hooter In Volume: Maria Stanley

Your Senior Team Leaders

Your Team Leaders

Davis, Linsey

Brittany Belvin

Heather Brimmer

Denise Anderson

Heather Anderson

Kelley Morrow

Krinn Burns

Connie Johnston

Jill Revell

Emily Curtis

Linda Beach

Melissa Mathias

Stephanie DellaBona

Kayli Craig

Joy Dicks

Your Leading Designers

Shelley Hart

Kelley Blackshear

Amanda Parrish

Jennifer Thomas

Cari Burgess

Tammy Leatherby

Lynda Brewer

Lauren Beck

Shannon Stewart

Genevieve Mardres

Kaye Dunlap

Jennifer Pinho

Shawn Windle

Linda Howell

Kimberly Gregory

Megan Ganger

Romei Smitherman

Sonya Marchetta

Licia Parsons

Becky Morris

Meagan Carpenter

Jennifer Parsons

Shelby Filek

Diana Walker,

Lindsey Jalik,

Jessica Hooker

Gaudreault, Michele

Lisa Worthington,

Michelle Velencia Deslauriers

Adams, Jennifer

Katie Clary,

Nancy Tompulis

Allie Ross

Cynthia Woodman

Stacey Smith

Erin Trezise

Blair, Susan

Kelly Lusis

Shauna Brown

Melissa Gale

Felicia Holstein

Stephanie Carr

Erika Stull

Jennifer Adams

Jeralyn Myers

Casey Rimmer

Kayla Scully

Jennifer Bedel

April Lentkowski

Judy Deaver

Leila HOlmes

Brenda Kunz

Jamie Hedglin

Sarah Runyan

Michelle L SJ

Got More Photos?

Got more photos that we can add to the team newsletter? Be sure to message me with them, so we can keep our little photo album full :)

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Whooooo's a NEW Sparkling Hooter?

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Welcome to our October Hooters

We want to welcome you all to Origami Owl and Welcome to our team. You have talent beyond words in this group. We are here to support you and cheer you on. We are so excited for you and the journey you are about to embark on.

Congrats to you SPARKLING HOOTERS for sharing this opportunity with 70 new Team Members!!!

Monica Nixon

Stacy Wright

Cheryl Feinez

Chelsea Craig

Christine D'Auria & Brooke Brewer

Britteny Burkhead

Janet Fultz

Jennifer Mysels

Dana Garrett

Cathy Buchanan

Heather Bush

Carolyn Monroe

Teresa Pluemer

Margarita Castillo

Stacey & Emma Latour

Tawnee Turner

Shannon Hatfield

Cindy Wallace

Julie Jackson

Julie Ponce

Elizabeth Bowman

Regina Sexton

Brenda Sharkey

Edna Pacheco

Elizabeth Mauk

Valerie Rosas

Brandi Alexander

Lindsey Dunlap

Lori Younce

Sharon Liabenow

Theresa Bautista

Lauren Warstler

Helen Lomas

Contrenia Rollin

Lynn Paterson

Kimberly Pacheco

Makinizie Kasler

Angie Heiland

Jamie Moore

Lindsey Case

Rebeka & Magnola Edge

Sammi Endy

Monica Larousse

Sarah Van Norman

Maryls Brimmer

Ledia Artica

Tiffany Gallagher

Carolynn Neri

Stephanie Blish

DeeDee Maddox

Christina DeClara

Christina Schoech

Janice Baynard

What's Happening Soon?

Let's Get Ready! Here's What's coming up!

New and exciting things are coming this fall.

  1. The Incentive trip to Cabo. Qualification period started July 1 to November 30th. Start Booking parties. PV will get you the most points and fast! Are you ready for Cabo in February?
  2. Be sure to check to see all information about Cabo and the top 300. WE HAVE SOME SPARKLERS ON THERE!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!
  3. New Back Office System has launched. We are all learning and training on it together. Be sure to post your questions on our SH Facebook page, so we can all help each other. I am learning as well. We are in this together.
  4. New Bracelets will be available Friday, November 8th at midnight.
  5. REMINDER: Check the back office in resources daily for NEWS FROM THE NEST!!
  6. Our Hooters are amazing. Be sure to drop by the team page every day to stay on top of what is going on.
  7. Team Call First and last Tuesday or every month at 7:45PM EST. The call is recorded and will be posted on our team page!! We now use Spreecast. It is awesome!!

Direct Sales Consultant To Do List

Now that you’re a direct sales consultant or promoted to a direct sales leader / director / manager what are you supposed to do?

Below you will find a list of activities you can do. These are many of the activities that I do or have done. Some activities you will want to do daily, others weekly and others less frequently. You do not have to do all of these. Consider it a menu of possible actions you can take.

  1. Check email
  2. Post on Group/Team Facebook & Fan Page
  3. Post on LinkedIn
  4. Tweet, RT and reply on Twitter
  5. Update pins on Pinterest
  6. Check Work at Home forum for opportunities to contribute
  7. Write blog post on your own blog
  8. Guest blog post for others
  9. Label/stamp catalogs, recruiting brochures, envelopes, product, promotional flyers
  10. Compile business opportunity packets
  11. Review reports for team members sales, promotions, milestones, birthdays, anniversaries
  12. Send emails or snail mail to team members based on actions from #11.
  13. Mail VIP Specials to your mailing list
  14. Read policies, newsletters, news updates
  15. Participate in training – phone calls, video, webinar or text
  16. Send welcome emails to new team members
  17. Contact newer team members to see if they’re overwhelmed
  18. Attend regional seminars
  19. Attend annual convention
  20. Attend incentive trip
  21. Attend team meetings
  22. Set up product displays in businesses
  23. Reserve table space at upcoming vendor events
  24. Prepare for upcoming vendor events
  25. Follow-up on leads from vendor events
  26. Contact organizations about setting up fundraiser
  27. Promote online party
  28. Contact past, present and future hosts
  29. Facilitate home parties
  30. Create YouTube videos and promote
  31. Send out basket parties
  32. Sharpen the saw – read books, articles, listen to podcasts or watch videos for personal development
  33. Attend Toastmasters meetings
  34. Send random “I caught you doing great!” notecards or small tokens of appreciation.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone just getting started in direct sales or in their new role as a leader is to Make It Your Own! If you try to run your business using your upline’s style, preferences or actions it may not be the right way for you to work your business.

Let me elaborate more on that. It’s also good advice that if you want to be successful, find out what those who have gone before you are doing, and do that. I agree with that, why invent the wheel? But, to get back to the previous paragraph of making it your own, don’t copy someone exactly. Think of it like plagiarism. You don’t want to copy someone verbatim. It’s okay to take an existing idea and tweak it to your personality. There really are no original ideas anymore, they’re just existing ones with individual spins put on it. Put your spin on things. You are amazing. No other team sparkles like us!!!

If your trainer, mentor, coach says, “Here is how you do it. You do A B C, and then you say X Y Z” take it with a grain of salt. Take what you like, and discard the rest. Use your up line’s information, and the list as a GUIDE. Consider it a menu from which you can select a variety of items, or you can take something listed and reinvent it to suit you.

See you at the top!

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Did you know???? The responsibilities of a mentor are:

1. Be there for support.
2. Available to answer questions.
3. Recognize achievements
4. Help when needed

and we do that and.....................

1. Offer weekly training calls
2. Have a 24 VERY ACTIVE Facebook group
3. Team Newsletters within your teams.
4. Lean on each other when we are frustrated.
5. Have 4 Facebook groups for different levels of this team.
6. Have 15 Team Leaders and 2 Senior Team Leaders already.
7. Live by the idea of SOLUTIONS not complaining
8. Lift each other up and INSPIRE!


Contact Me!

I am your Executive Team Leader, your mentor and your personal cheerleader! I am here to support your achievements and your bumps in the road. I am not a mind reader, please communicate to me what you need and when you need help. Don't hesitate to contact me to set up one on one coaching. I only succeed when you succeed!!! We are going to rock this year...Together let's SPARKLE!!