Climate :

Average yearly percipitation : 6-10in a year

Tempatures : -18 -- -14

Plantlife : very little plant life

Tree + moss

Arctic willow tree

Arctic moss

Soil type : poor and week

Animal life : arctic fox , polar bear , wolfs , caribou

Why do we need this biome : plays a large role in the temp. Regulation of the earth

How do humans affect this biome : humans provide trash that pollute the environment , oil spills

How can we protect protect this biome put pressure on stake holder and directors in companies that operate around the arctic region to keep them from putting where it can harm tundra life

What is the biome known for it is known for its frost molded ,landscapes , extremely low temperatures , little precipitation , poor nutrients , and short growing seasons.

Interesting fact: Extremely cold climate ,low biotic diversity , short season of growth , tundra comes from the Finnish word tunturia , there are three different types of tundras , simple vegetation structure .