Unexpected and Exciting!

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$3000 dangled for us to match!

Super exciting! Two donors - one corporate and one individual - were so impressed with the StoryArk Festival that they have offered $3000 in matching funds for a fundraiser if we raise money this week. Will you help us meet this goal by making a donation today?

The funding is very important so that StoryArk is a strong candidate for further granting dollars and so that we can build a strong foundation for student storytelling. Would you be willing to donate money to StoryArk so that the local foundations see the support from our families and feel confident to invest additional dollars in the work the students are doing? Would you be willing to donate by Monday, August 13 at midnight so that I can include in our grant applications that we were able to raise $6000 in one week fueled on the excitement of the festival and people's amazement by the stories shared?

Thanks for considering! We hope you'll join us as the excitement of the StoryArk Festival continues on as we empower student voices and equip young artists to succeed!

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StoryArk is a 501(c)3 and as such, donations are tax deductible as determined by law

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