By: Sydney Bock

Major Landforms

Mt. Santa Rosa, Mt. Lamlam. Philippine sea. Capital of Guam is Hagatna.


Tropical marine, generally warm and humid, the annual temperature is 81 degrees, range is from the low 70's to middle 80's. Dry season from January to June, rainy season from July to December.m

Plants and Animals

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Black Drongo

This bird has a shiny black coat with a split " V " shaped tail. These birds chase other birds, fruit bates, dogs and even people.
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Brown Tree Snake

This snakes length from 18 inches as juveniles to over 8 feet long as adults. They are generally olive green to brown. This species is mildly venomous.
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India Mulberry

This pants is a bush that is mostly found in the tropical regions of the world, the plant can grow up to 9 m tall, and has large, simple, dark green, shiny and deeply veined leaves.

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Kang kun

This pants is a floating vine that grows in fresh water ponds. The leaves are narrow, heart shaped or arrowhead shaped. The flower are white and may occur singly or several together.

Natural resources

- Aquatic Wildlife ( supporting tourism)

- Fishing (largely undeveloped)

More natural Resources .......

- coconuts

-sweet potatoes

- sugar cane

- Bananas


The capture of Guam was a bloodless event between the Untied States and the Kingdom of Spain during the Spanish American war. Spanish surrendered to America. The first battle of Guam, was an engagement during the Pacific War in world War 2 and took place on December 8, 1941 on Guam between the Empire Japan and the Unite States. Guam had been a United States possession since its capture from Spain in 1898 until it was captured by the Japanese in 1941, then following the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Presently North Koreas army says it has approval to attack US as America moves a missile defense system to Guam.

People and language

The three man ethnic groups are Chamorro 37.1%, Filipino 26.3%, other Pacific Islanders 11.3%. Official language is English and Chamorro. Main religion is Roman Catholic.

Land Use

The US department of defense is planing a major expansion of its facilities for all ,I litany service branches on Guam. Some major industries, US military, tourism, transshipment services. Most of Guam's import is from the United States.

Religion and Education

Main religion us Roman Catholic. Around 2008, around one third of students graduating from the public schools on Guam go on yo Universities. In the fall of 2008 the district required all schools to have school Uniforms. There are 27 elementary schools 8 middle schools and 5 high schools.

Traditions, Food, Customs.

Tradition for marriage, in ancient Chamorro society, the clan leaders arranged the marriages. In the Spanish period and up to the recent past, the first stage of marriage involved the visit with the family elders and if they approved you could get marriage. Today the tradition for getting married is the same as the USA. Customs like each village celebrates the feasts day of its patron saint. Killing a pig or cow and preparing vegetable and seafood dishes are typical aspects of a fiesta. Food is daily foods include rice, fish, bread fruit, and taro.