Negative Impacts of GMO

By: Kovida Koneru

This website talks about the negative impacts of the GMO.

Negative Effect of GMO

GM foods might pose health risks for certain people:

  1. Some people might be allergic to some of the products that have been used to make some products and chemicals of the GMOs.
  2. Bacteria in our guts could pick up antibiotic-resistance genes found in many GM products which could harm our body in so many ways.

Negative Effect of GMO

GM crops could harm the environment:

  1. One of their greatest worries is that GM crops could harm other wildlife.
  2. Mosquitoes that became tolerant, so scientists wonder that insects will become super bug resistant to pesticides that has been into GM crop.

Negative Effect of GMO

The amount of toxicity in the body will increase.

  1. The chemicals used inside the GMO is highly toxic and harms the human body.