Invisible by Evan Kuhlman

ulises quinones 3rd


Finn is the protaganistis is a normal black haired and pinky fleshed boy but now he is pale as a ghost and his hair is the color of snow.He is your average hieght and he isnt much diferrent then any other kid but he is one of those like are u a freak or are you the one who points out the freakand he is a deep thinker if hes not playing with his brother or playing with meli he is thinking because thats just who he is.

Derek the protagonist derek is finns little brother he is short well short for finn but derecks onley in 3rd grade and he has black hair derck is the same as any other little sibling he likes candy plays with his toys or his video game and even if he is not doing that he pretending about monsters or space or even creepy crawlies nobody knows what he thinks because hes always keeping to himself about what he thinks.

mom the protagonistmom is well mom shes no diffrent either she likes baking she loves her kids she even loves to play with the kids but im mean like imagining like its deep like it right there in front if your face but latley shes been a little sad with her son turning white but she dosent give up easy and she loves to look back in time at picteures and stories and all that other good stuff.

dad the protagonist and he is the right dad he loves to be outside he wiil throw the ball watch a game and will sit down and read he newspaper but he has a jod that he hates but he dosent complain but any how he works at a place called sporting goods and thats at a mall but hes fine with whatever he has and he always cares about the things he does but if somthing goes bad he can always forgive otheres and himself for example finn was digging a hole and dad comes and says ''WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO MY BEAUTIFULL GRASS''but not long after he walks up to finn and hands him a shovel and says''what are we waiting for''so hes a very for giving person.

Meli the protagonist is finns girlfriend and they play and laugh and have tickle fights that turn into wrestling matches but shes always with finn she follows him every where like they would go to the woods and try to get lost and then find there way out but meli is a medium sized blonde and shes skinney but she is tough and she is a concus pereon and just like finn she is always thinking and that pretty much sums her up


the theme is actually preety short t is when life brings u down u can chose wether or not to get back up(quote from karate kid)but life was knocking him down like having no friends his dad dying and having a lot of pressure on his back he got back up and started to live again


present in his neighborhood it is very green and its seems to be in the middle of either spring or fall in a nice little place birds are out and singing the suns shining and the grass is green trees are blooming it is flat out beautiful even though that most of this story takes place in his house and in the cemetery but even there it is amazing he has a nice two story house and its clean and it has a nice front and backyard and the cemetery is nice two all the tombstones are clean it is just a amazing setting i am sure you will love it

Conflict and plot

the conflict of this story is that Finn is starting to turn invisible but hes turning white and then he goes invisible and this story is man vs self and man vs society but finn is beating himself up because his dad died and finn thought he coud have stoped it somehow but in the end he knows that no matter what he did he could not have not stopped and hes is being bullied and they are calling him names like "count freakula casper whitie whitie"yeah but that really tore him down and meli cheared him up some of the way but it was"set him up then knock em down"yeah it is preety sad.the plot of this story is that its starts out like a diary just him talking about the book the he talks about the big bad horrible tragic thing then his dad dies then they plant a tree in his memory then its the end short and sweet but thats the entire thing.


once dad dies Finn has hs saltwater taffy and he kept the wrapper he also has his hat his mug and his entire store but one other big thing is his tree they planted a tree in his memory and it is his favorite tree the people who have one of them is finn has the taffy derek has the hat grandpa has the mug and mom has the tree and those are the things that that family has to remember thier beloved dad and husband and son.

book recondmendatoin

i really liked this book if i waas to rate it i wuold give it a 12 out of 10it was just such a good book.the characters it well they just fit so well in the storythe made perfect sense in the book and they all had to play there big part.the setting is a dream come true the auther just brought you so close and so deep into the story so deep that i coudnt tell the book from reallity it was just amazing.the thing about the seting was that it was...just to was just amazing i would recommend this book for anyone from a grouch to a hip hop pearson.if u dont like this book ,no offense but u are litteraciacaly stupid.