The Warrior Weekly

Week of May 16th

The Final Week!

The year has flown by and we have now entered our final week of the 2015-2016 school year. I want to thank the entire community for helping our young Warriors this year.

I began this year with excitement for what was in store and I end the year with even more excitement for the upcoming years. The Winfield School District and our community welcomed me and showed me throughout the year what it means to be a Warrior!

MAP testing is now complete and we are looking forward to receiving the results later this summer. Our students showed great effort and we routinely heard how well prepared they felt. Many students made statements that Evaluate had done a great job of getting them ready and that they were confident in how well they did. I am excited to share those results with students, staff, and parents next school year. Thank you again for helping your students come to school each day prepared to give their best effort.

Spring Parties and end of the year activities will fill our final week of school. We hope that all of our students and staff are able to enjoy these last days before we transition into the summer and begin preparations for the 16-17 school year. Class assignments will be sent home with all 3rd and 4th grade students on the final day of school. If your child is not in attendance on Thursday you will be able to call the office the following day to find out your child's teacher for next year.

As always please call, email, or stop by with any questions, comments, or ideas.

Proud to Be a Warrior!!

Jeff Schultz

Amazing Growth!

I love looking at this and seeing a concrete visual of how much our students have grown throughout the year. Students continue to be excited about seeing their progress each month. We are looking forward to seeing continued growth next school year as well.
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Embracing technology

We received this acknowledgement from Front Row education a few weeks ago. Our students and staff truly embraced this website as well as others to make sure that we were meeting the needs of all students. Online resources such as Front Row have increased engagement and given students the resources necessary to reach their full potential.
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With just a few days left our year long attendance is at 95.4%! Thank you to students, staff and families for making attendance a priority for our young Warriors!

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Counselor's Corner

We know that many times school is one of the first places our families turn to when they are in need of resources or assistance both at school or in the home. This can make finding those resources more difficult during the summer months. Please know that you can always email Mr. Schultz directly at He will be in the office for most of June and although not in the office on a regular basis during July we will both still be available if assistance is needed. Below is a list of other resources as well as their numbers if you are in need at any point.

Have a great summer!

Bridget Baker

Intermediate Counselor

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Upcoming events!

Monday: NEHS Dodgeball Tournament- Middle School Gym

Tuesday: 4th and 5th Grade Spring Parties

Wednesday: 3rd Grade Spring Party

Thursday-Early Release and Last Day of School.

2016-17 Classroom Assignments will go home with students

The Ultimate Warriors!!

We are happy to present our final members of the 2015-16 Ultimate Warriors! This group represents the Warrior Way on a daily basis. Thank you Coach Presley for bringing this program to Winfield Intermediate!

Congratulations Camber, Maggie, Trent and Colton!

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We hope all of you have a Great Summer! Thank you for all you have done this year!
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