Welcome Golden Gate

Golden Gate's New Employee Orientation Program

Need Your Feedback

The Program:

The objectives of the employee orientation program are to ensure that new employees get the tools necessary to do their job, understand the purpose of the NPS and duties of your job and how that fits into the overall scope and mission of the NPS. Most importantly, we want to make sure you are welcomed to the Golden Gate and NPS family!

We've established a sharepoint site:


Provided you written material such as the employee binder and welcome packet.

The NPS orientation program site also has lots of information: http://www.nps.gov/aboutus/neo.htm

What else do you need? Did the materials above anser all your questions? What is missing? What would make things better?

Orientation to the Park

What did you see? Where did you go?

Regardless of your position, you will get asked questions about other sites, your job and others in the park, how do you think you did? How did you handle those difficult questions you had no answer for?

Please take the time to respond to the questionaire attached, so that we may get ideas on how to improve the work experience at Golden Gate.

Reference Materials

We have provided you with a welcome packet of information, developed a binder full of additional materials and information and have also put all those documents on a sharepoint and website. Respond below to make arrangements to get your binder.

If you prefer browsing the internet and have full access to Bison Connect, just click on this link to access the welcome information: http://share.inside.nps.gov/sites/PWR/GOGA/welcome/default.aspx

If you don't have access to a government computer or work in a remote location , you can try this google site. It contains all the same information but access is not restricted to a government email or computer. https://sites.google.com/a/nps.gov/golden-gate-national-recreation-area/home

Starting a new job is both exciting and challenging, hopefully the materials we've provided will make your transition just a little bit easier. But don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. Welcome aboard!!

Yvette Ruan

New Employee Orientation Program Administrator

201 Fort Mason

San Francisco, Ca 94123

How familiar are you with the park?

Have you have had an orientation tour with either your supervisor or co-worker? What site or location did you find most interesting and why? Have you met co-workers from other disciplines? Name a function or job that you didn't know about prior to coming to work at the park.
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