Makenna C. Kacsir

Volleyball lover


My name is Makenna C. Kacsir (kiz-er).  I am tall with blue eyes and goldish hair.  My favorite sport is volleyball!  My mom and I actually started our own volleyball team.  We will be called the TREND SETTERS!  I also love art, animals, camping, and hanging out with my buds.  My friends and I love to dance and write songs.  In fact we are working on putting a song we wrote on youtube!  Some people think our song is so good we could be famous! 


I have a dog named Taz. He is a boxer. He likes to slobber and sneeze. He does all sorts of tricks.

My favorite people

Skate City

One of my favorite things to do is roller skate and roller blade. I would recommend to go to Skate City in Overland Park. I am really fast at roller skating. The first time I roller skated it was not fun! I would always fall. Now it is easy! If you never done it before you should really try it.