Washington Elementary School

3/17/15 News Update


3/18 Wacky Wednesday
3/19 Hat Day
3/20 Pajama Day
3/27 New Hampshire Historical Society Visits Grade 4 and 5
3/30 Grade 5 Starts SBAC
4/6 Grade 4 Starts SBAC
4/13 Grade 3 Starts SBAC

SBAC Practice Tests

All students in grades 3-5 have taken portions of the SBAC practice test. Practicing the test is important for three reasons. 1. Students get a glimpse into the content expectations of the test. 2. Students get to see and use the navigation tools embedded in the test. Navigation tools include highlighters, zoom buttons, glossary, and pause button, next button, select and move options, etc. 3. Students get to see the various types of questions they will be asked. These question types differ from the NECAP, and are much more interactive with the content of the test.

Mr. O'Rourke, principal of HDHS and I created a video that will be placed on our web page. Should you like additional information, please check it out.

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