Geography year 7 2012-13

This is what we've been learing about in Geography


In geography we have been learing about different ways to shop such as corner shops, supermarkets, internet shopping and high street shopping. 


In Fakenham we get all different sorts of weather, some which can effect things we do such as skiing if there is no snow or Sailing if there is no wind.

Uk maps

We also learnt about the uk map, the cities and towns that are included in it such as London; Wales; England; Scotland; Northern Ireland and then we have Nottingham; Shefield; Manchester; Leeds; Newcastle; Birmingham; Cardiff; Bristol and much more.

Gressen Hall

All us year sevens went to gressen hall and had a dissagreement. We were descussing whether to to take some of the farmers land and build houses on it or whether to keep the land as it is for the animals.