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Welcome to this fortnights issue of the Nicho News. This issue as usual includes all upcoming events here at Nicho, class of the fortnight, teacher of the fortnight and awesome reports.

School Info

For parents having trouble communicating with the school.

Coming up

  • 9 JUN P&C Meeting 7.30pm
  • 12 JUN K/1B Assembly 9.30-10.15
  • 15-16 JUN Parent Teacher Interviews
  • 18 JUN Fresh Food Thursday
  • 19 JUN KF Assembly 9.30-10.15

* Athletics on Thursdays (Whole school)

* NRL Fridays (K-2)

*Choir every Wednesday at 8.00am

*Band every Thursday at 7.45am

Principals Report

Dear School Community,

School attendance and getting to school on time are crucial in allowing students to progress in a steady and sequential manner. Our attendance rates at Nicholson Street are good but there are some children who appear to be consistently late or have higher than average levels of absence. Simply missing 5 minutes of school daily across the course of a school year adds up to 1000 minutes of missed learning impacting on academic and social progress.

If you are finding that your child is regularly getting to school late or staying home for minor ailments, have a talk as a family about how to improve. If your son or daughter is having difficulties at school which is impacting on their attendance, please make a time to speak with their teacher.

Occasionally there can be issues at school which can play on children’s minds and cause them to feel anxious and become reluctant to attend school. These issues need to be worked through as a school/home partnership before they become a bigger problem. All children at Nicholson Street should feel happy and comfortable at school and a significant majority do. It is important that parents/carers work closely with the school to resolve issues that may be causing ongoing absenteeism.

P&C Meeting: Tuesday 9th June

I look forward to seeing another large turnout for the P&C meeting next Tuesday 9th. The meeting will be held in the Kindy classroom and begin at 7:30pm. Don’t forget this is your chance to discuss the goings on at the school, ask those tricky questions and contribute to one of the numerous projects the P&C undertakes across the course of the school year.

Parent-teacher interviews

Here are some tips for getting the most out of these important meetings. Prepare a few questions to ask, and walk away with a plan.

Find out more:

School calendar

What’s on when? Stay on top of school holiday, term and state examination dates across NSW.

Find out more:

Chris Buenen


Nicholson Street Public School

P & C News

Uniform Shop News

Kelly Peisley is hanging up her bucket hat and handing over the reins of the Uniform Shop. On behalf of the P&C, I want to thank Kelly for her hard work – for her early Wednesday mornings at the shop front and her time spent preparing orders and keeping accounts.

Welcome Kylie Bonett, our new Uniform Co-ordinator. We are very lucky at Nicho to have so many willing volunteers who step up to fill these important community roles.

The Uniform Shop will continue to be open on Wednesday mornings at 8.30am

Thank you Nicole!

After three years of service to our school, Nicole Sorby stepped down as P&C President at our May AGM. Thank you Nicole for all of your hard work and devotion to our kids, our parents and our teachers.

Next P&C Meeting – Tuesday 9th June at 7.30pm – all welcome!

Kathryn Reynolds

Music News

Opera House Recorder Group News

Our Recorder Groups are busily rehearsing for their performance as part of the 700-strong Recorder Ensemble in the Jacaranda Concert at the Sydney Opera House on August 5th.

The Preliminary Rehearsal for this event will take place on Wednesday June 24th at the Salvation Army Hall in Elizabeth St. Information about the rehearsal and a permission note will be coming home soon.

Best of luck to you all!

Applications now open for Sydney Southeast Orchestra 2015

The Sydney Southeast Orchestra is an exciting opportunity open to public school students in the Sydney area who play strings, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Regional Orchestras give our Nicho musicians the chance to play in a large orchestra, playing challenging pieces while also making connections with musicians from other schools.

The main activity of the Orchestra is a three-day residential camp, held at Stanwell Tops Conference Centre July 27-29. During the camp, students will take part in rehearsals, sectionals and tutorials with specialist musicians. The Orchestra has a few additional rehearsals in preparation for a performance at the Expanding Horizons Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

An online application form needs to be completed before Friday 12 June. Please apply if you’d like to be considered. Fees for participation in the Orchestra are $300. Details of the project can be found at:


Thanks to Kai Young and his lovely label maker for labeling shelves, instruments, music books – remember, if it has a name on it and it is anything to do with music, it will make it’s way back (eventually) to the music room.

Thanks to Phil Shearer for his time and effort spend on repairing the school’s percussion instrument collection.

Thanks also to the Concert Band and their conductor Bec Rawson for entertaining us as we sipped and munched our way through the Biggest Morning Tea.

If you would like more information on any of our music groups, please contact Kathryn Reynolds on
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Government House Singers!

Class Of The Fortnight

Kindergarten Friendship – Class of the fortnight.

We have had a very busy and exciting time these last few weeks in kindergarten. We have been learning all about the seasons and how the environment changes with each one over the course of the year. We all agreed that summer time is the best as you get to play outside and eat ice cream! KF produced some beautiful ‘Seasons’ art that you can come and check out as it’s hanging up in our room.

In maths we have been learning all about time. We have been looking at analogue and digital clocks and have been learning to tell the time on the hour. We have been comparing how long it takes to do different things each day as well as ordering our daily routines from when we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night.

As part of talking and listening in English, everyone in our class prepared and presented a short speech on something they like and why. We have seen all sorts of things from favourite books and toys, photos of pet snakes and even a sharks tooth!

Also, a very warm kindy welcome to Miss Pladson who is now working with our class on Thursday and Fridays until the end of term. It’s great to have you working with us!

What a fabulous few weeks of learning in KF full of laughter, learning and life!

Teacher Of The Fortnight

This weeks Teacher of the Fortnight is.......
Mr Davies! Here is our interview.

What has you class been doing lately?
Where to begin? 5/6A have been very busy this term learning about electricity, energy and how an electricity circuit works. In maths we have been learning about rounding numbers, algorithms, long multiplication and angles. In english we have been looking at visualising and how to comprehend difficult books.

What events are you most excited about this term and why?
This term is almost at a close, but i'm really looking forward to seeing what all the Nicho kids produce with Cassandra, our aboriginal artist in residence. I'm also looking forward to the athletics carnival and the year 5/6 camp in term 4.

What do you love about Nicho the most?
I love everything about Nicho! The small community feel, how we all knoweach other, and the smiling faces I get to see everybody. I am also very proud at the 5/6 students with the way they show care towards the little ones at Nicho.

Create East Audition


On Friday Sienna and I travelled to Ferncourt Public School to audition for Create East. Create East is a three day workshop followed by a performance and I auditioned for band. We had to bring our own piece to play and our own scale, after that we tried a new piece from the three day workshop. It was really fun.

By Veronca!


On Friday the 22nd of May Chloe, Ally, Skye, Jamilah and I travelled to Rozelle PS for our Create East choir audition. At our audition we did some fun warm ups and learnt a song called light a candle. In my opinion the best part of the audition was when we were taught chant that goes with a tricky clapping pattern.


On Friday the 22nd of May I went to the drama auditions for create east with Zoe. When we got there we were taken inside to a room with a big stage were we warmed up by playing a game. In the game you had to do the opposite of what they said to do so if they said stand you’d sit and if they said go you’d stop. Then the auditions started, we played an improvisation game were a hitch-hiker would sit in a car (4 seats positioned like a car) and have a certain personality or peculiarity (their choice) and everyone in the car had to have to be like them. So if the hitchhiker was having a baby, every one else would too and then they’d just keep on improvising. We also played another improvisation game were in your group you had improvise a skit and at the end someone had to die in a ridiculous way. After that we went home to wait to find out who got in to the play. out of 120 kids only 20 got in so you had to try and stand out in the auditions. We have still not heard who got in but they are releasing the results soon!

Oban Cottier


In create east we had to do something called zomedy that seemed very fun and I was supposed to be making art for create east.I was like a designing person and we had to draw dolls for create east except it had to be cute dolls and lots of people drew big eyes for their dolls and they did sown up mouth’s and they also did a few scars any where on their body to make it look zombie like. Darcy and me had lot’s of fun by doing this because create east is not just make and play it gives you a chance to use your mind to create what you want. And that’s what I did at create east.


The debating team have participated in two debates this year. I am so proud of their achievements so far! They have won one debate and lost another but that does not get them down! They work as a team to research arguements and practice their speeches so they have great manner. Well done debaters!

Ms Carson

Biggest Morning Tea

On Thursday the 28th of May was the biggest morning tea. Together we donated money to the Cancer Council to help cure cancer. The whole school helped bring in food and drinks to help out. We also had to wear blue and yellow for the biggest morning tea to show that we supported the cancer council. We hope that all the parents and visitors had a great morning tea and we hope that all our donations helped beat cancer.

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