Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

February 1-5, 2016

Our Class

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts, took our comma quiz. In my opinion, I think the class was really prepared for this quiz because we were studying for this quiz for most of the days in the last two weeks. All of that studying, taking notes in our notebooks, and practice putting commas in sentences we have done have finally paid off. We also finished reading our non-fiction literature circle books. Our daily routine for our literature circle books is: we share our literature roles, discuss the selected reading, and answer a prompt in our reading log. Our reading logs are our books that we use to answer questions about the book. We were using this book from the beginning of the year. We can't wait to know what book we are reading next!

By Rod & Matt


We reviewed for our space test. We played space jeopardy. Maya's group, the Pink Fluffy Chewbaccas, won ,but everybody did a great job. There were some hard and easy questions, but everybody did a great job and tried hard to remember the answers. All of the practice paid off. We took the test that had multiple choice, labeling diagrams, and short answer extra credit. The extra credit was worth 4 points! Everybody did a good job. We learned a lot about space and the endless amount of objects in space. We had a great time in Science this week and can't wait to go on the Mission to Mars in two weeks.

By Abby & Tedla

Social Studies

This week for Social Studies we were working on our colony websites. On Tuesday, we had to finish our paragraphs. On Thursday, we put all the paragraphs and video journals on our website. Then we started to design our websites. Our websites now look very cool and stylish. Hopefully we all get good grades on our websites. I wouldn't doubt it because they all look neat. We also took a quiz on the English colonies on Friday. Social Studies was really fun this week and we hope next week will be just as fun!

By Morgan & Greta

Design Thinking

Last week in Design Thinking we got into our groups that the teachers made for us the week before. We started coming up with ideas for our project that we were assigned. The teachers wanted us to make a plan before we actually started working. We were separating in groups by helping people by nutrition or exercise. Then the teachers also separated those groups by school, community, and home. Each of us discussed what our plans were with the teachers. Once we were done we got assigned to certain teachers that we were best experienced with what our ideas were. We started on creating our plans once we were settled in. For example, we have a group collecting recipes to make an iBooks and groups working to make a school garden.

By Diane & Tejal


Art with Ms. Martucci

This week during Art, we wrote and created Valentine's cards. All of the classes created cards for kids in the hospitals. We cut and glued phrases on the card that said "You Rock" or "Stay Strong". We also decorated the cards with different color hearts. Some people made pop out cards, and some people just made flat cards. Mrs. Martucci and Mrs. Ondrof will be giving the kids the cards this next week. We were creative this week in Art! We also had a lot of fun.

By Maya & Ethan H.

Music with Mrs. Kim

Music was not productive. We spent the first half hour talking about random stuff, like uniforms, FIERCE, compassion, insults, baby names, and other matters unrelated to music. Then, with ten minutes to go, we worked on "Blue and Red and White," and "Declaration." Apparently, there was some misunderstanding about who was the echo and who was the melody, so Rod and Diane switched places. We did very bad, and Mrs. Kim was mad. Nice rhyme! On "Declaration," we accidentally switched parts at the end too. Overall, Music was not very productive, and we definitely need to prepare more for the concert! Hopefully, we will do a better job next week!

By Nick & Jaina

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

This week in PE, we made three new goals for us to achieve. At least one goal had to be about PE. After we made our goals, we had a choice to play the Maze Runner, volleyball, or basketball on the other side. We voted to play volleyball and basketball. The next time we had P.E., we played capture the flag. The main goal of the game is to capture the flag and get back to your home base. But if your flag gets pulled out, you have to go to "jail". There are only two defenders on each team and the rest are attackers. When we played Maze Runner, each team got one point so it was a tie. We had a great time in PE this week!

By Ethan F. & Amanda

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

In FIERCE we did many fun things, we saw a presentation about cyber bullying. We talked about what it is and about how to deal with it. We also discussed why it is important to speak up about cyber bullying. After that Mrs. Johnson asked us a few questions about it. For example ," Have you ever been cyber bullied before?". After we talked about what cyber bullying is. She talked about what cyber bullying leads to and what it does. She said cyber bullying is a bad thing. Cyber bullying is another form of bullying, but takes place using digital devices. FIERCE was very fun this week, and now we know how to stand up to cyber bullies!

By Rand & Jessica

Spanish with Señorita Webb

This week in Spanish, we reviewed our Spanish videos. Since Mrs. Webb wasn't here last week, due to private matters, she didn't get to see our videos last week. We also worked on worksheets and the hand vocabulary. The hand vocabulary tells us how to conjugate verbs. We also played a Spanish game. The Spanish game was about the hand vocabulary. In the game, if we got out, we had to do extra work. The winners got to skip the work and got Starbursts too. We ended up with two winners, Rod and Ethan H. On our Spanish projects, some of us got 100%, and some of us didn't....... Anyway, overall, we had a fun time in Spanish this week!

By Katie & Tú

Colony Website Projects

Coming Up Next

Next week will be a very busy week. We start out with a bang by heading to Age of Sail on Monday. Remember to check the packing list to make sure you have all the necessary supplies, especially a sleeping bag, pillow, metal galley gear, and warm clothes. We will return Tuesday afternoon; I will be calling when we leave San Francisco to give Miranda a better estimate of our arrival time. So remember to check in with her! On Wednesday, we will be doing a short in-class project on our non-fiction literature circle books where the students will be creating title-down paragraphs to summarize the content of their books. In Writer's Workshop, we will be starting to work on our personal narratives. In Science, the students will be working on a Mars web quest and will be completing job applications for their Mission to Mars roles. In Social Studies, we will be investigating the causes and effects of the French & Indian War. In particular, we will look at the role the French & Indian War plays in colonist unrest before the American Revolution. On Friday, we have a half-academic day and progress updates will be emailed home. We will also be having our class Valentine's Day celebration. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Reuter

Parents: Try it out!

This month we are celebrating compassion. In Art, the students made Valentine's cards for children in the hospital. Try making some Valentine's cards at home for someone who might not be receiving any this Valentine"s Day. You can also try doing another random act of kindness to help pay it forward!

Mrs. Reuter's Class 2015-2016

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