For books, audios, and movies


Translators must translate material from one languge to another such as legal documents, websites, and creating subtitles for films.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One advantage is that there is always a need for translators now since culture is spread so widly now. You can also choose the specific area that you want to translate in whether you want to translate a book or write subtitles for a movie. Some disadvantages are that it is a very time consuming and stressful job where you get payed very little.

Translators at Work

Universities and the Basic Entry Salary for this Career

The basic entry salary is usually $41, 834. The Pennsylvania State University and the University of Wisconsin are the top two colleges for people that want to study languages.

Education Needed

The basic degree that you need is a bachelor degree. The years of college needed depends on the school but the typical amount of time is one to two years.