Lost Riders

Elizabeth Laird

Camel Jockeys in Dubai

Camel racing is a popular sport in Dubai. People came from all around to place bets on their favorite camels. The only problem is that the riders, called camel jockeys, are boys who were lied to and taken from their families. Imagine being a small child in a car, thinking you're going somewhere good, and then getting pushed out of the car in the middle of the desert in a camel farm. How confused would you be? They are underfed and overworked and get beaten if they misbehave. On the other hand, if they work hard and win races, they get a reward from their masters. They might get a new toy for free time or maybe a slightly larger meal. Some of them die being trampled by camels.
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The parents of these boys must be going insane once they realize that their boys were sent to a camel farm instead of what they were promised. Because of this, they'll end up spending the money that they don't have trying to find their child. Spending money that you don't have results in heavy debt, and that results in even more of a struggle.
Camel Racing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates