My Genius

My genius is being Dahlia, I as Dahlia offer the world a great help, a personality and a smile that can brighten up a persons life or day. I'm not a judging person, i see every person with a talent and a dream they are wanting to accomplish . I see myself as a loving caring person, that is willing to give a hand if anyone is in trouble or needs help. I have never done anything for great comments or attention. My actions as in helping out people, being respectful, always smiling and having a great personality is being me, and it all comes from my heart. I have had many compliments about my smile, from teachers, doctors, family, and friends. Also I have been told that i'm a very happy person and i have a great personality , which i can get along with others well. As a great listener and advice giver, many people that know me know who to talk to when bad times arrive. At school I'm a very quiet person, but if someone needs help I can help out that person. Also in school i’m a person who doesn't give answers i love to help but i also like that people can at least try solving an answer and if they can't I'm willing to teach them instead. I as Dahlia, would love to make a difference in this world , it would be great to have more caring, and loving people.

Breaks My Heart

There are many things that break my heart, like poverty, elderly people eating at a cafe alone, and drugs. But the main thing that breaks my heart is when people don't treat others fair. In other words when people can ask you for favors and they can't even ask how you are, or they can't even take a second to call you to make sure you're okay, especially if its your own family. I have experienced this and its something that easily breaks my heart, when i take my time to help out, and I don't receive anything in return. Also it breaks my heart , just because two people don't get along, they get mad at you, and they stop talking to you, but then then they are friends with someone you don't get along with, that's not being fair, especially if its between family. If I'm treated fair then i will be fair as well with them. I think everyone should be treated equally and each person should have a right to deserve that fairness in life, even if they don't deserve it or not. I think there should be fairness in today's world as well.

My Greatest Fears

There are many things to fear from, in this world. Especially in today's world, i think there is more to fear in today's and the worlds future. I fear many things, when I fear I feel like I Can't go on and I quit because of the stress it puts me in. One of my deepest fears, is failing a class, and not being able to go on. I have never failed a class , but i do fear of failing , when I don't understand what we're even talking about, or how to solve the answers. My second fear is, darkness, meaning evil people, i do fear evil people, especially when you don't know what they could do or what kind of harm they have done to others, but you can sense that they are evil. My third fear, is not being able to control my shyness, I've struggled being shy ever since i was little, being shy has put obstacles in my life, and it has made it harder. I've been working on not being so shy and asking more questions when I need help. I find it difficult , because I'm the type of person who likes to be alone , but when I need help, I Don't have the courage to step up and ask for help. I fear that my shyness won't go away but I hope it will. My last fear, is fearing that i will change someday, I won't be the Mrs. Smiley anymore, or the type of person that is willing to take his or her time to help out another person. With so many unfair people and people not treating others equally, I fear it will change my personality.

My Biggest Dreams

There are many dreams that i have , and i want to complete. To start off, one of my biggest dreams is to graduate from UNMC, my dream is to become a dental hygienist , and i do plan to further my education, so maybe one day i can have my own dentist office here in the United States , and also one in Mexico. Not many people get the dental treatments, because there are some places that are poor, and people can't afford to live a healthy life. Another one of my biggest dreams, is to have my own house, and cars and a big family. I want to live out in the country on a big ranch, and raise farm animals.Also i want to be able to own my own things , i want to have my house paid off, cars and etc. Third, another of my biggest dreams, would be able to see VALTS grow bigger , and more students to be grateful for this program. Not only the program, but the teachers. There are teachers that are willing to put their time and effort and kindness, helping students open new doors in life and in bigger high schools, not many teachers are there to give you a hand. My last biggest dream, would be taking a vacation to Florida and go swimming in the ocean. I have never been to the ocean and i think it would be fun, to get out of Nebraska for a while.