McD's by Julian Arroyo,Tiffani Mitchell& Stephanie ewen

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How McDonald changed American living?

The turning point that McDonald had in Americans was pretty big with making food faster and easier to get. more people started to make it a daily habit. McDonalds started to grow rapidly. Moms could take they're kids on a car ride with out thinking about making a family dinner. Drive thrus were a big thing. The idea of not having to get out of your car was crazy who would ever think of this great idea. All of this sounded like something awesome right? But who would know that in 65 years America would start to get fat. Many people belve the McDonald was the start of obesity in the United States. To prove my point if you look back and see how many people were. Obes back in the day not that many were over wight. McDonald/fast food changed the way people thought of a family dinner.
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That's not that much money for food!!!!!

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Factors in american society.

McDonalds in the 1950's was a big hit with more people being able to drive to places, made it convenient for the American to be able to have a fast food place to go to. Before the war not everyone had a car to drive around. But now that the war was over and Americans had more money to get new cars, everyone had a new car. Also the baby boom has also happened during this time family's had more kids to feed and it was easier to give them a hamburger then staying at home and cooking a great big meal. The American family was vary busy during this time and moms and dads wanted to work. Fast food made it easier for Americans to get food on the run.

How i feel about this fast food hit..

I feel McDonalds has changed people not only physically but mentally as well. People no longer have to spend ours on preparing meals and they can just hop in there cars and go. I personally don't like McDonalds because of the food served if they had healthier food to serve i might consider going there more often.

Inventors: Ray Kroc was the founder.