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Your Professional Development Committee for 2021-2022:


Calley Rogers

Carla Walker

Ruth Wallace

Middle School:

Shelly Mutzebaugh

Mandy Adey

High School:

Matt Peterson

Mandi Rust

Pat Gresham

Instructional Team:

Wytney Steelman

Linda Buchanan

If you have Professional Development Questions or have a request for Professional Development, please reach out to your representative! Funds for PD conferences/book studies should be requested as soon as possible as funds are limited!!

The PD request form is on the district website under "Staff">>"Professional Development">>"PD Forms" From there, you need to read the steps to request and click on the PD Activity Request Form.

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Parent Teacher Conferences and the Power of "YET"

We teach our students and remind ourselves that one shot at a target isn't the only chance in a lifetime that we get. If we miss, we can continue to grow and work at meeting that specific goal. We know at the end of the lesson, day or quarter, we have to check boxes related to those targets. However, building grit in our students to keep trying even when things get hard is far more important than the check mark.

Reframing OUR mindset when meeting with parents and teachers and being intentional about using the word "YET" when talking about the learning process can build bridges and relationships that can launch students toward those targets throughout life. Encourage students and families that although the target may not have been met YET, you believe in that student's ability to work hard and persevere will get them to that goal.

I would like to encourage you to watch this video. Although it is almost 10 minutes long and your to-do list is approximately 300 miles long, I believe it will help guide your conversations with both students and parents on the 21st.

Thanks for being a positive advocate for education and believing in our students!

-Wytney Steelman, Instructional Coach

Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck
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Three Reasons to use Websites to Support your Classroom

Time, for teachers, is a precious thing. We know that the day in, day out grind of managing a classroom often feels like a busy and, at times, chaotic undertaking. From planning compelling lessons and providing constructive feedback to forging meaningful relationships with students and dealing with paperwork, teaching is a profession which swallows time whole. Predictably, it can be difficult finding time to scour the internet and discover new ideas. But educational websites for teachers can not only save you time but inspire. Here are three reasons to use websites to support your classroom:

1. A diversity of perspectives. Perhaps the biggest reason we consult online resources is to learn something new, to gain insight, and to be inspired by someone or something else other than our daily experience. Simply put, online educational websites allow us to collaborate, and the success of education depends on teachers at large rather than the individual educator. A diversity of perspectives enriches your own pedagogy.

2. Efficiency. Educational websites undoubtedly make your workday much, much more efficient. Instead of pulling out your hair trying to create the perfect lesson plan or end-of-course assessment, use the web to find tips, tricks, and other examples. The Internet has accelerated pretty much every aspect of society, so it’s no surprise that it can also strengthen your efficiency.

3. The feeling of solidarity. Let’s face it: teaching can often be a very difficult and even disheartening profession. Thus, it is imperative you don’t go at it totally alone. Scanning online teacher blogs, reading about education policy, or watching a teacher’s vlog generates feelings of solidarity and companionship that are vital to becoming a successful educator. The right educational website can truly work wonders on your professional and personal psyche.

-Submitted by Shelly Mutzebaugh, PDC Member


If you are using or are interested in using USATestprep, here are a few links to learn more about it!

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Strategies of the Month- Retrieval Practice

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