The Limestone Lens

Focusing In On Anti-Racism and Equity

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Happy 2021 Everyone!

In keeping with the tradition of starting a New Year, this issue's focus is continuing our board's resolutions...

We resolve to continue our equity learning journey through understanding proper terminology, identifying racism and the impact it has.

We resolve to recognize unjust behaviours/practices and move towards a collective change.

We resolve to ensure that everyone's voice is heard, welcomed, included and respected.

We resolve to have everyone see themselves in Limestone.

Language of Equity

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So What Is Systemic Racism?

"The idea of systemic racism is not about individual attitudes. It is about how society works."

Ontario’s Anti-Black Racism Strategy defines systemic racism as occurring "when institutions or systems create or maintain racial inequity, often as a result of hidden institutional biases in policies, practices and procedures that privilege some groups and disadvantage others."

Many dated policies, practices and procedures have led us to the cultural disparities we see today.

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Examples of Systemic Racism in Canada

What Can We Do?

5 Tips For Being An Ally

Let's Keep Learning Together!

Let's Continue to Engage In The Change Together!

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The Limestone Lens: We Are All Learning Together

As Limestone District School Board employees, we are all a part of this learning journey. If you have ideas about future equity topics or terminology, please contact Rae McDonald.