Bio Poem

Romeo And Juliet



Witty,devoted,Loyal and funny.

Is the cousin of the Prince in verona.

Brother of valentine ,Friend of Romeo and benvolio.

Lover of talking,Lover of humor,friend's

Who feels happy when he sees friends ,Energetic when he sees fights and Bold when he has to be.

Who needs sympathy,hope and devotion

Who gives protection when friends need it ,hate towards people who disrespect him and gives money when people need it

Who fears Dying,love and spiders

Who would like to see, peace,Happiness and people

Resident of Verona,Italy


"Look for me tomorrow and you will find me a grave man"

I picked this quote because meructio is being sarcastic about dying so romeo doesn't freak out.Also i picked it because its funny and he's really hurt but everyone thinks he's playing.One last thing is that this is the last time we see mercutio trying to be funny before he dies.

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symbol #1

i Picked this symbol because this word describes him the best! Mercurio is one of those characters in this play who doesn't really matter what you do or say to him and is definitely not afraid to fight.Also he is very protective of his closest friends romeo and Balthasar.
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symbol #2

In my opinion murcutios 2nd best word that describes him is "Witty".I picked this word because He is a very funny character in this play. He tells jokes that will make you laugh but they aren't as funny as they were back then because the language has changed over time.