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First Week in the Books!

What a great first week we had at Prospect. Even though it was pouring rain on the first day of school, I would have expected nothing less from 2020. We definitely didn't let it "rain on our parade", as the staff and students were so excited to be back in the classrooms. Even though it is tough to see all of their faces, I could see the smiles in their eyes, their "happy walk" to their classrooms, and hear their fun conversations in the classrooms. Everyone is excited to be back!

The first two weeks of school is a time when teachers are building relationships, reviewing and practicing safety procedures, building stamina for wearing masks, reviewing skills from Spring e-learning, and teaching the students how to use either Google Classroom (3rd-5th) or Seesaw (K-2nd). This next week we will continue to work with the students on the digital platforms they are using, so they will be comfortable at home understanding how to find and complete their assignments during their remote portion of the day.

I hope you will join us during our virtual Curriculum Night. Teachers will share information about grade level curriculum, how to use the digital platforms and there will be time set aside to meet the teacher. More information to come regarding the set up of the night.

Again, thank you for a great week! Your students are amazing and we are so excited to see them back in the building.

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MAP Assessment Test/Schedule

MAP assessments will be taking place over the next two weeks in school. Since we just experienced one of the most unusual and uneven learning periods in recent times, it’s more important than ever to understand what students have learned and what they’re ready to learn next.

At Prospect we work in collaborative teams (grade level teachers, DS, SPED, reading specialists, EL teacher) to analyze MAP results to determine where students are at, if we need to scaffold instruction/provide intervention, or differentiate instruction for students.

The MAP assessment along with the BAS Assessment and daily formative assessments will be imperative this school year to understand where students are and how to move them forward. We have begun the BAS Assessments this week and will continue next week as well.

Please review the MAP grade level schedule below and ensure that you send your student to school with a charged iPad to take the assessments. Thank you for your partnership!

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PTO Gift to the School

Thank you to all of the Prospect PARENTS that have donated money over the last few years at our successful Dash N' Bash Events. We were able to purchase Frontrow Juno Classroom Audio Systems for all of our classroom teachers this school year.

How does the system work? Classroom teachers wear a microphone necklace, which projects their voice through the speaker system in the room, so all students are able to hear the instruction.

We were so excited to unbox out first shipment this week and install them into the classrooms. I have added a video below, so you can hear how clear the system is in the classrooms. This is especially vital this school year with teachers wearing masks and students not being able all of the instruction.

Thank you so much for being a partner in education!

Thank You PARENTS and PTO