Week of September 14 -18

Mason Dixon Elementary

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our parents and students along with our teachers and staff that made this a successful first week of remote learning. While we can't wait for the day when we can be together learning in person I want to commend our families on how hard they have worked to provide their children with the necessary internet access and routines to make at home learning successful for their children. The support you provide for your children in this difficult time will be remembered by them for the rest of their lives.

Parent Completion Checklist

Here is a checklist to help parents in completing our back to school items.

_____ Complete Daily Health Screening for each child (select "student" on first screen)

_____ Complete Daily Lunch Request form if you want to pick up a lunch for your child that day

_____ Review the weekly "At Home Learning Agenda"

_____ Assist students with logging in to their Google Classroom to complete and turn in their

assignments. (Pre-K uses SeeSaw)

_____ Complete the Student Information Update online

_____ Fill out and return to school the student information packet received with student

materials (drop in our red mailbox, email to secretary mmammons@k12.wv.us or mail back)

_____ Complete the Technology Acceptable Use Policy online

Internet Resources

Wifi is available in each school parking lot through the Kids Connect program provided by the state and WVDE. To log in, your child will need to log in using their email which is their Chromebook login followed by @boe.mono.k12.wv.us and then use their chromebook password. At Mason Dixon you must be in the front parking area to connect, it is not available past the end of the gym on the side of the building.

School bus wifi locations available in the community can be logged into by putting in your child's Chromebook login and password...once you click on the internet browser they simply put in the user name and password again when prompted for a user name and password.

Bus Locations in our area:

Core - Mason Dixon Park

Jakes Run - Olive Church

Daybrook - Daybrook School

Wadestown - Blue Mountain Realty

If your child does not have daily access to internet service at home, you can go to one of the above locations, pull up the weekly at home learning agenda and make a copy or screenshot of their activities for the week so they can complete at home, they can also upload assignments at the end of the week. Students must be completing and turning in assignments from each day to be considered present and attending school.

At Home Learning Agenda

To assist parents each week there will be an At Home Learning Agenda linked on the school website to help you quickly see what your children should be working on. Students will link to this information and submit their work through their Google Classroom. This is posted on the school's website but is available at this link.


Daily Health Self-Screening

Daily Health Self-Screening

Each day parents must complete a daily self screening for each of their children before entering the bus or attending school whether in person or online. *Please mark "student" not other on the first screen since you are filling our for a student. This link is at the top of the school and county websites and is also available on the Monongalia County App for your phone.


All staff fill out this form daily as well. Follow the instructions at the end of the screening if it tells you not to report to school or work.

Additional information is available on the School Health Covid-19 Tool Box located on the school website at this link.


Daily Lunch Request Form

Prepared student meals will be available for pickup each day during Remote Learning and on At Home Learning days. Each day you must fill out a meal request form before 9:00 am. to receive a meal at pickup please use the following link available at the top of school and county websites.


Meal pick up will be at all schools from 12:00-12:30. If you have students at different schools you can sign up to pick up all meals at one location.

All school meals are free this year for all students until December 31st

Update Student Information Online

Please log in online to confirm the needed updates to your child's student information including phone numbers, address changes and emergency contacts. Your online signature is required each year even if you have no changes needed. Please complete this A.S.A.P.


Acceptable Use Policy

Parent and Child should be together for the grade 3-Adult so that parent and child can go over the do's and don'ts of technology use!

All students must have a parent/guardian signed AUP on file prior to September 30th.

On October 1 if there is no signed/submitted AUP, student's chromebook access will be turned off.

Complete Acceptable Use Policy Here

Problems with your Chromebook?

If you are having trouble with your Chromebook or it is in need of repairs, please fill out this link available on the school website and our Technology Integration Specialist, Wendy Tennant will be in touch. Report Chromebook Issues