Back to School with Essential Oils

Learn about how to use Essential Oils for Your Family

Angela Chafee

Tuesday, Aug. 19th, 6:15pm

Broadway Coffeehouse, ( 1300 Broadway ST NE, Unit 100 Salem, Oregon 97301)

Please come and Join Me at my class! Learn about how to use essential oils for a Healthier school year. Also, improve behavior and performance.

***Prizes and giveaways***

- bring a friend( 2 tickets)

- bring the most friends (4 tickets)

- show up to the class(1 ticket)

-Rsvp( that would be very helpful) to : or

(208)310-0582 ( 3 tickets)

Want to learn more about DoTERRA before the class? You can go to my website at :

or feel free to email or call me

Summer will be over soon!!!

Soon it will be back to school time! You and Your family will be exposed to germs and viruses; you name it! Being a mother myself, it also brings on hard to get going and chaotic mornings. Evenings can bring meltdowns and need for focus so they can do homework.Then there is bedtime...need something to calm your child down and be ready for bedtime? Come learn what oils will help...
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Your child has a Virus? Try Thyme, Melaleuca, and lemon essential oils.