Nothing but the truth

Alfredo Romero Cruz P.3


Mrs.Williams have you ever wonderd how high school is theses days then Nothing but the truths is the book for you, It will tell yoy the drama that happens and how the teachers and classes are


This is a book that could relate to some teens, and also help get kids some tips about groeing up also, how to plot is and the original characters that come with it

Counter argument

I know you think that this book is not a book that you will read but it can help middle schoolers going into high school tell them how their like


I felt that the book was fast

Mr. and Mrs. Malloy were talking about Philip grades,then started talking about how Mr.Malloy should start spending time with him in one short chapter(Avi,33)

Or how Philip started talking to Mrs.Narwin of how his behavior was during class being distracted(Avi,chapter 12

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This book was predicable

I won't have know that Mrs.Narwin thinks Philip is a nice kid instead of dislikeing him (Avi,75)

Also Philip got in trouble and thrown out of class for singing the natinoal anthem (Avi,60)

And how he got in trouble again for the same thing after talking to his parents about it (Avi,72)


This are the words I didn't know

Extracurricular-outsides one's regular work (Avi,14)

Theoretical- existing only in theory (Avi,14)

Faciliate- to assist the progress of a person (Avi,21)

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Call to Action

Mrs.Williams I belive that this book is a good guide into entering high school how the rules are, and the differant people you can meet and talk to, not knowing what to expect next to come


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