Holiday Party

Mrs. Yazdchi's Class

Party Update 12/14

Happy Friday!

If you are participating, please send $5 on Monday for Mrs. Yazdchi's class gift. So far we have $20.

We are set for the party! Thank you! (21 students and Mrs. Yazdchi)

Current sign up--

Autumn Daughtrey - soda

Lori Althaus - vegetables with dip

Ramapriya Padmaja - water

Michele Koteras - cookies

Shelly Looney - center piece, cooler with ice and coming to help

Letty Garcia - cupcakes

Anita HerrNeckar - plates and napkins

Yada Guerrero - 2 table clothes and coming to help

Angie Porter - fruit and coming to help

Casie Ojeda - cubed cheese

Danielle Penland - candy canes

Party Details

When: Thursday, 12/20, 1:30-2:30pm

Where: Mrs. Yazdchi's Room

Please email me if you are available to bring/send food, drinks, and/or decorations ( I'm thinking vegetable tray, fruit tray, and a couple of holiday treats. They love drinks in a can! Some Big Red, orange soda, and water should do it (the small sizes).

We won't be doing a holiday craft, this year. They are a social bunch so let's let them do what they enjoy....TALK! The coolest holiday music will play in the background.

Remember to email me how you would like to help out. Thanks!

Gift for Mrs. Yazdchi

Please send $5 by Monday, 12/17 for a gift to Mrs. Yazdchi. Please send in an envelope with my name on it, Shelly Looney. My suggestion for a gift is a spa gift certificate. Do you have another suggestion? I welcome them.

I'll send a card with Kaslynn on Wednesday, 12/12 for the class to sign. Please let your child know so they will be on the look out.

As always, participation in the class gift is optional, and all students will sign the card. You are welcome to gift her as you see fit.