Azazul Fikar

Manager at Promitom

Azazul Fikar

From July 1992 to September 1999, Azazul Fikar was the manager of Superland Computers in Rangpur, Bangladesh. Azazul Fikar’s duties included successfully developing and executing customer contact strategy, recording merchandise and employee activities, filing and maintaining proper daily records, and reporting to the general manager. Azazul Fikar was able to successfully hold the title of manager for seven years, something that is a testament to his hard work and dedication. Azazul Fikar eventually left to pursue another industry.

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Azazul Fikar on Working Well with Others

Throughout his career Azazul Fikar has maintained a reputation as a man who works well with others. Azazul Fikar has earned this reputation while studying at the various institutions of higher education where he acquired his degrees, as well as in the professional world where he has worked as a production supervisor and program manager for many years, among other things. All along the way those who have worked with Azazul Fikar have declared him to be a man who is singular in his ability to work well with others no matter their differences. Here he talks a little about this ability and how to cultivate it.

Patience. The value of patience is vastly underrated, says Azazul Fikar. Being patient and making the attempt to work with others at their own pace is a characteristic of a great teammate. It can be difficult, but showing patience has benefits that cannot be easily calculated.

Communication. Clear communication is key to working well with others, says Azazul Fikar. Be crystal clear about the group’s goals and how the group will achieve those goals, and communicate all along the way in a helpful and patient manner until those goals are achieved.

Goals. Azazul Fikar is a big believer that a group works best toward a common goal. Setting that goal and structuring the group around the achievement of that goal is a great way to ensure collaboration and great teamwork, Azazul Fikar says. And the achievement of a goal is what working well with others is all about.

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Azazul Fikar Believes in the Power of Role Models

Role models have always been important to Azazul Fikar. It is important to have people in your life that you look to for inspiration and encouragement. That is one of Azazul Fikar’s firm beliefs. During his career as a student and then as a production supervisor and program manager, Azazul Fikar has always had role models whom he has looked up to and drawn inspiration from. These include many famous entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as venture capitalists and businessmen, from whom Azazul Fikar believes great lessons can be drawn about how to be a success in your personal and professional lives.

Many of Azazul Fikar’s role models are risk takers, or, at least, they are not risk-averse. In order to become a success, you must take certain calculated risks, and at times do things that others may not understand or see the value in. Azazul Fikar perceives that these risk takers have enjoyed such successes precisely because they were willing to zig where everyone else zagged, so to speak.

In addition, the people who Azazul Fikar considers role models are constantly innovating. Innovation requires a level of confidence in yourself, an ability to stand your ground and decide that the way things are currently done is not the way that things must be done. The ability to see room for improvement and to act on that vision is a trait that Azazul Fikar greatly respects.

Having role models enables us to see the heights people are capable of and hopefully inspires us to reach similar heights.

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Azazul Fikar on the Value of Education

Education is one of the most important building blocks of a successful person, in the eyes of Azazul Fikar. As an educated man who has seen the difference it can make, Azazul Fikar is a huge believer that education is one of the most valuable tools available in man’s vast and varied toolbox. A good education can unlock so many doors, believes Azazul Fikar, making it almost criminal not to take full advantage of the educational opportunities afforded to you. Here are just a few of the great benefits Azazul Fikar sees in education.

  • Income potential. Those with higher education see higher incomes at a very regular rate, says Azazul Fikar. Advanced degrees confer a level of respect and prestige that, while perhaps not quite as impressive as they once were, are nonetheless proven tools to increase a person’s earning potential. Azazul Fikar himself holds several advanced degrees and has seen firsthand the opportunities they have afforded him.
  • Intellectual diversity. Even if you are not looking to make more money, higher education increases the enjoyment you can get out of life by increasing the intellectual pursuits you are able to enjoy, says Azazul Fikar. From literature to biology to anything else you can name, education increases your knowledge and your enjoyment of these things.
  • Contacts. Both professionally and in the friends you make along the way, education provides invaluable contacts with other people in the same pursuits you are engaged in, says Azazul Fikar. This can be invaluable when it comes to finding the perfect job.
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Meeting Deadlines with Azazul Fikar

Azazul Fikar is a big one for meeting deadlines. In fact, as far as he can remember, Azazul Fikar has never missed a single deadline in his life. Whether the deadlines are related to his work as a project manager and production manager, or in the goals he sets for himself in his own personal life, Azazul Fikar always finds a way to meet them as they come. According to Azazul Fikar there are a few basics to follow if you are having trouble meeting deadlines that will remedy the problem in a flash.

  • Organize. Azazul Fikar believes that many, if not most, deadlines are missed due to lack of organization. Organization is the key to knowing when the things you need to get done must get done, and many people have problems getting organized. Azazul Fikar advises keeping track of all your deadlines in one location.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination is the single biggest cause of missed deadlines, Azazul Fikar believes. Excuses are easy to make, but they do not result in your deadline being met any sooner. Conquering your tendency to procrastinate will not be easy, says Azazul Fikar, but you will feel a sense of great accomplishment if and when you do.
  • Execute. Having an organized plan and refusing to procrastinate will make the third part easy, says Azazul Fikar. Simply execute the plan you have set out, and do it in the timely way you have organized, and you are sure to succeed in meeting your deadline.

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Azazul Fikar on First Impressions

Like it or not, people make quick, defining judgments in the first few minutes of a business meeting. And these first impressions can make or break a business relationship. These are observations Azazul Fikar has made during his career, and he would like to share a few pointers on how to make good first impressions in the professional world.

  • First off, Azazul Fikar believes you must look the part. Understand the setting in which you will be meeting this new client or employee. The setting can tell you a lot about how to dress. For example, lunch meetings are different than office interviews. Azazul Fikar believes the right dress can make a solid first impression.
  • Second, Azazul Fikar stresses the importance of the introduction. Azazul Fikar likes to give a firm handshake, solid eye contact, and some expression. A firm handshake shows authority, solid eye contact is representative of attention and focus, and facial expression shows personality. Azazul Fikar includes all three of these things in every introduction.
  • Third, make a connection. While business meetings are supposed to be professional, it is also important to make small personal connections. Azazul Fikar believes these connections can set you apart from other people. Azazul Fikar is always on the lookout for similar or common interests.
  • Fourth, Azazul Fikar believes in listening more than speaking. He subscribes to this theory for two reasons. First, listening shows respect. Second, listening allows you to understand where the other party is coming from. This will better help you interact with them in the future.

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Azazul Fikar on Improving Workplace Productivity

As a production supervisor for a successful consumer goods company in California, Azazul Fikar knows about the importance of productivity. Azazul Fikar’s coworkers and employers would refer to him as efficient motivator who always meets goals and deadlines. Recently, Azazul Fikar was asked about tips on increasing productivity in the professional workplace and he responded with three different tips.

1) Learn the Correct Level of Management

Azazul Fikar believes there is a fine line between lack of supervision and micromanaging. Azazul Fikar likes to straddle that line without leaning too much in any one direction. Micromanaging is detrimental to the workplace, slowing down employees and creating unnecessary delays. A lack of supervision allows employees to do as they please. Azazul Fikar believes this fine line can only be found in time.

2) Hold People Accountable

Azazul Fikar believes in healthy accountability in the workplace. All employees need to know their role, what they can and can’t do, and what the consequences will be for particular actions. Azazul Fikar never allows his department to shift blame, because everyone clearly knows their responsibilities.

3) Set Deadlines and Goals

Azazul Fikar is a very goal-oriented person. He believes that making deadlines allows employees to set tangible goals. Azazul Fikar has weekly meetings to make sure his department knows what goals and deadlines are on the table. Azazul Fikar also rewards his employees for meeting and beating deadlines.

These are just three steps to improving productivity in the workplace, but Azazul Fikar has seen great results from them in his department.
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Azazul Fikar’s Job Description at Pharmavite

Azazul Fikar worked as a Production Supervisor at Pharmavite LLC for close to two years before moving on to be a manager at Promitom. Azazul Fikar loved his job and looked forward to coming in to work each and every day.

Azazul Fikar had many different roles and responsibilities with his title of Production Supervisor. He was in charge of overseeing a vast array of people, work, and projects. Azazul Fikar was extremely valuable to his company because of the way he is able to provide leadership, mentorship, and inspiration to his department. Azazul Fikar has all the intangibles employers look for in the hiring process.

Azazul Fikar’s focus and motivation allows him to successfully meet deadlines and goals in a timely fashion. No day looks the same for Azazul Fikar, but these were some of his duties:

  • Azazul Fikar was in charge of supervising, training, and developing the departmental staff to ensure efficient operations and process control.
  • Azazul Fikar had to develop employee performance reviews and motivate them to improve.
  • Azazul Fikar had a major focus on reconciling batch yields and reviewing batch records to ensure compliance with the many certifications and review boards.
  • Azazul Fikar took part in regular inspections of different department facilities and equipment to make sure they comply with SOP, cGMPs, and other safety requirements.
  • Azazul Fikar also conducted training sessions with new employees and ensures their compliance of department policies.

Azazul Fikar has dozens of other responsibilities that came along with his title of Production Supervisor, but these are a few of the most important. He has since been using his hard-earned skills at his new place of employment.

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Azazul Fikar on the Benefits of Being Bilingual

Being bilingual is becoming more and more popular throughout the world, a result of the 21st century’s increasing global connectivity. Azazul Fikar, a Production Supervisor at a consumer goods company in San Fernando, California, is bilingual and knows the many benefits it offers. Azazul Fikar was born and raised in Bangladesh speaking Bengali and later learned English in order to become a successful professional. Below are a few of the benefits and advantages of being bilingual in today’s world, courtesy of Azazul Fikar.

(1) Ability to Understand Cultures

Being bilingual allows a person to understand and experience different cultures. Anybody can travel to another country, but you have a hard time truly understanding the people and culture without being able to speak to them in their native tongue. Azazul Fikar enjoys being able to travel to the vast number of English speaking countries and carry on conversation.

(2) Job Opportunities

Today’s business world is globally connected, something that offers bilingual professionals many job opportunities. Azazul Fikar has used his knowledge of Bengali and English to help employers and clients connect with foreign companies on multiple occasions.

(3) Increased Learning

Azazul Fikar truly believes that learning a language has a positive effect on a person’s ability to learn other things. Learning a language builds learning habits and abilities inside your brain and makes it easier to learn more languages in the future. People say that learning your second language is the hardest, but the third comes much quicker. Azazul Fikar is looking forward to possibly learning a new language in the future.

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Azazul Fikar Loves LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a great tool for anyone interested in networking with business men and woman across the world. Its easy-to-use platform indulges users into a world of mass communication, interesting material, productive tools, and unlimited networking opportunity. Below are a few specific reasons why Azazul Fikar loves LinkedIn and uses it on a regular basis.

(1) Connectivity

The number one reason Azazul Fikar uses LinkedIn is for its connectivity and networking opportunities. Azazul Fikar has lived in both Bangladesh and the United States, so without social networking sites like these, he would not be able to keep tabs on former coworkers, employers and clients. LinkedIn allows Azazul Fikar to seamlessly communicate with them on a regular basis.

(2) Job Hunting

While Azazul Fikar is currently employed and very happy with his job, he has enjoyed using LinkedIn in the past for its job hunting capabilities. Users can search for jobs based on location, industry, connections, and more. Azazul Fikar believes it to be one of the best job search tools on the internet, mainly because of its attention to your personal profile. LinkedIn knows what jobs you’ve held in the past, who you know, and what your skills are.

(3) Organization

It used to be where professionals carried around physical resumes, business cards, and portfolios, but that is no longer needed with LinkedIn. Azazul Fikar just tells clients to check out his page. There they can find all of his information, message him for more, and review his past work.
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The Top Supply Chain Management Programs According to Azazul Fikar

Azazul Fikar, a Production Supervisor for a consumer goods company outside of Los Angeles, is dedicated to improving processes, increasing efficiency, decreasing waste, and meeting high levels of production. If that sounds like something you are interested in, you may want to look into pursuing a degree in supply chain management. A job that was once filled by people with ordinary business degrees is quickly being taken over by college graduates with these focused degrees. Azazul Fikar would like to mention some of the top programs in the country for supply chain management.

· Rutgers University. Students leaving Rutgers University with a degree in supply chain management will be better prepared than the majority. Azazul Fikar notes that Rutgers’ program teaches students how to adjust to the global business climate by preparing students in areas such as logistics, business risk analysis, sales and operation planning, importation and exportation, and much more.

· University of North Texas. Azazul Fikar likes the program at the University of North Texas because of support it has from professionals in the business. Azazul Fikar points out that there is an advisory board of twenty or more senior logistics executives that oversee the program, in addition to other Dallas/Fort worth committees.

Lehigh University. Azazul Fikar has heard nothing but great things about Lehigh’s supply chain program. Azazul Fikar likes it because of the well-rounded education students receive. Students in the program take standard business classes, but focus in on supply chain management during their last semesters. Azazul Fikar believes this prepares students well for the professional world.
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Azazul Fikar on the Benefits of Being First Aid/CPR Aid Certified

Azazul Fikar received his First Aid/CPR certification in April 2010. He has since found out the many benefits of being certified, and he would like to share those with readers. Azazul Fikar points out that being First Aid/CPR certified is for more than just life guards and nurses; it can be useful for everyone. Here are the top three reasons you should consider becoming certified.

(1) Ability to Help

Your first reason for becoming certified should always be to help. Azazul Fikar became certified so he could prepare for unforeseen emergencies in everyday life. While he has not had to use his training very often, it provides a peace-of-mind knowing that he can respond if needed. Azazul Fikar knows that life happens, so he wants to be ready.

(2) Do it for Your Kids

Imagine how much better you would feel as a parent if you were First Aid/CPR certified. Nothing is more precious to you than your kids, and as mentioned before, accidents happen. Azazul Fikar suggests every parent learn the valuable skills offered in these courses.

(3) Insurance Break

Now we get into the area where you can actually get paid back for your certification fees. Azazul Fikar notes that insurance companies will often decrease your premiums if you are certified. Insurance companies see you as better prepared, something that lowers your risk. Azazul Fikar suggests talking with your insurance company to see if they offer any breaks.

These are just three reasons to consider becoming First Aid/CPR certified, but Azazul Fikar believes there are dozens more. Do what Azazul Fikar did and prepare yourself for those unforeseen circumstances in life.
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Azazul Fikar on the Importance of Collaboration

Azazul Fikar is known by coworkers, employees, and clients for his ability to collaborate and work well with others. Azazul Fikar leads by example, inspires, and mentors diverse professional teams on a regular basis. He is consistently able to achieve goals and meet critical project deadlines in both independent and group settings. Azazul Fikar usually prefers to work in group settings though, as he finds collaboration to be better than single-minded, independent work. Here are a few suggestions from Azazul Fikar on how to better collaborate in a professional work setting.

(1) Communicate Clearly

There is nothing more important in a collaborative setting than for everyone to speak up and speak clearly. When Azazul Fikar is leading a group, he makes sure everyone gets an opportunity to speak at the first meeting. This allows everyone to feel comfortable presenting ideas to the group. Azazul Fikar strongly believes that a group is only as good as their communication skills.

(2) Structure the Group

Every collaborative group needs some structure. In the business world, it is usually not a good idea to just let things move freely. Sometimes there is a need for this, especially in creative projects, but structure is usually good. Azazul Fikar sets deadlines, goals, and roles. Azazul Fikar wants to make sure everyone knows what they are doing, when, and why.

(3) Provide Feedback

Members of a group should know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Azazul Fikar suggests giving regular feedback in group settings. This allows people to understand what is working and what is not.

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Why Azazul Fikar Chose the University of Phoenix

Just about everyone would like the opportunity to obtain a college degree, but sometimes it is just not practical. That is why the University of Phoenix Online is such a great program. People like Azazul Fikar, who have busy schedules and lives, are able to conveniently earn a degree without breaking the bank and compromising their jobs. Azazul Fikar earned a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2011, and he has since gone on to become a Production Supervisor at Pharmavite LLC in San Fernando, California and also a manager at Promitom. Here are the three biggest reasons Azazul Fikar chose University of Phoenix Online:

1) Convenience

Because Azazul Fikar held a full time job, he found it difficult to go back to school. But with University of Phoenix Online, Azazul Fikar was able to fit the classes in around his busy life. He picked classes and courses that did not interfere with his job or personal life.

2) Cost

Despite being one of the most respected online universities in the world, the University of Phoenix actually costs just a fraction of normal online university tuition rates. Azazul Fikar notes that students can also take advantage of their wonderful scholarships, financial aid, and government grants.

3) Efficiency

While Azazul Fikar spent parts of three different years at the University of Phoenix Online, many people can be in and out in two years. Compare that to the four years it usually takes at a higher costing ‘normal’ university. Azazul Fikar loves this part about the school.

Contact Azazul Fikar

Azazul Fikar speaks both Bengali and English, something that has opened up many different job opportunities for him. Bengali is Azazul Fikar’s native language and English is his secondary. Azazul Fikar has found his ability to speak two languages to significantly help him in the workplace. Azazul Fikar moved from Rangpur, Bangladesh in 2004 to California, USA. He would not have been able to make such a smooth transition if it were not for his proficiency in English.