Climate Change

By: Pavneet & Jasminder

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1. Climate change is already having a very big impact towards ecosystems, economies, and communities. Rising average temperatures doesn't mean balmier winters. Some places may cool slightly. Flooding, drought and intense summer heat can result. Violent storms and other extreme weather events could also result from increased from increased energy stored in our warming atmosphere.

2. Climate change is caused by heat pollution, for example when weburn fossil fuels; they let carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These are greenhouse gas layers, that get thicker and thicker, which causes the Earth to get warmer. Thus the endless amount of fossil fuels being burnt. It's the cause of climate change.

3. Climate change affects all regions around the world by making regions hotter. Polar ice shields are melting, and the sea is rising. In some regions extreme weather events such as; blizzards tornadoes, cyclones, and rainfall are becoming more common, while others are experiencing more extreme heat waves.

4. Some long term effects are; ice loss leads to global warming. Sea levels rise, changing landscapes, wildlife at risk -weakening food chains- , stronger storms that causes destruction, and more heat diseases such as heat strokes.

5. To stop climate change, we can change a light bulb to an LED, because it lasts 10x more than a regular incandescent light bulb, and uses way less energy. You can also power down electronics to save energy, conserve water, and recycle. Driving a car, using electricity to light and heat your house, and throwing away garbage all to greenhouse emissions.

6. In December of 2007, Australia signed an international environmental agreement, called Kyoto Protocol -for all countries who signed it, to decrease the greenhouse gases emissions. Also we can do something about about it too, such as turning off lights at home to save energy, buying stuff with limited packaging etc.

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