Hogwarts a place for magic

Dear student

Welcome new student to Hogwarts a place for wizardry. Here you will learn how to make potions and cast charms. I promise you that you will have fun.

- professor dumbeldore

Potions class with professor snape

Here you will learn how to create potions and how to use them
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Charms class with professor flintlwick

You will be learning how to cast charms and what charms are
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Harry Potter, first year student

" my first Time year I thought it would be boring but then I found out it was amazing"
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Hermione, first year student

" I think I'm the only one who cares for the art of magic and Hogwarts is a great school for wizardry"
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The dining hall

A place where all the staff and students come to gather and have feasts
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The quidditch pitch

It's a place where students gather to watch or play a good game of quidditch
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