Red Pandas


What they eat and how they look.

Red pandas are Red,Brown,And white.They have thick fur that helps them stay warm in the winter.They have rusty colored thick fur and striped face.Red pandas eat bamboo,leaves,and fresh shoots,as well as berries,blossoms,bird eggs,and various plants,and small leaves.

Where they live/habitat/family

Red pandas live in the cool temperatures of the bamboo forests,And high-altitude mountain forests.Red pandas mostly live alone,but sometimes in pairs or a small family.Red pandas also share there land with Giant Pandas.


Red pandas predators and friends

Red pandas predators are snow leopards,martens,And even humans.Red pandas even have some friends to like giant pandas,takins,golden monkeys,and macaques like in the picture to the right.

What red pandas do when frightened

When red pandas get frightened or angry,they stand on their hind legs and makes sharp hissing sound and spitting.Below is a video of a frightened red panda.
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Some fun facts

•Red pandas are listed as a vulnerable on the IUCN red list of threatened species because of habitat loss

•Red pandas have a small bone projection on their wrists that helps them grip bamboo stalks and other food

•Red pandas cover themselves with their tails in the winter to keep warm

•Red pandas are nocturnal and sleep during the day up in the trees

•Biggest threat is habitat loss

•They go up trees to get away from predators

•Lifespan of 8-12 years

•Red pandas are related to raccoons

•Other names people call red pandas are "Fire Fox"

•Less then 10,000 left in the word!

•Red pandas use there tails to balance in the trees

•Their red-and-white markings blend in with the red mosses and white

lichens that grow on trees they live on