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Welcome to the first edition of the Creative Writing Booster Club's newsletter. I'm hoping that this email format will prove to be convenient to everyone on our mailing list. If you have suggestions for stories or how to better inform our audience, please contact Joe Kelly at the email address below.

Up-coming Events

September 9 - Creative Writing Booster Club Meeting at 5:30 pm

(before the Middle School Open House)

All parents are encouraged to attend.

Fall Semester Dates

October 22-24, 2014 – Lake Logan Field Trip (Juniors & Seniors Only)

November 15, 2014 – WordFest, Barnes & Noble, Mt. Pleasant, SC

November 20, 2014 – 6th Grade Bulls Island Field Trip

December 4, 2014 –Poetry Out Loud

Spring Semester Dates

April 23, 2015 – 6th Grade

April 30, 2015 – 7th & 8th Grade

May 5, 2015 – 11th Grade

May 7, 2015 – 9th Grade

May 14, 2015 – Senior Thesis

May 19, 2015 – 10th Grade

Senior Theses now available.

Below you'll find an alphabetical list of the just-graduated seniors, the covers of their recently-published books, short summaries of each, and a link to their listings on

Miles Counts

Old Things, Passed Away. Old Things, Passed Away, the first short story collection by Miles Counts, introduces readers to characters that are at the very edge of sound-starved loneliness, discomfort, and isolation. Aging rock-and-roll enthusiasts, enraged grave-dancers, repressed married couples, and the starry-eyed young all populate the collection, and they are forced to reckon with a world that is both frighteningly foreign and stagnantly old. Taut with a balance of humor and sorrow, Old Things, Passed Away chronicles a time of great change, within and around each of its characters, as they struggle for permanence, as they struggle for preservation.
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Rae Cross

Saltwater. This volume of short stories captures life on Sullivan’s Island and the magic that is unique to its quiet streets and serene beaches. Each story is based around an important landmark on the Island, such as the lighthouse, the Goldbug Tree, and Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church. When issues such as teen pregnancy and alcoholism arise amid the 2.4 square miles of beach houses and palm trees, the characters seek solace within the heart of the Island.
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David Doboszenski

Means Don't Justify the Ends. Means Don't Justify The Ends is a story of life it's self. It takes the main character, Ray, through his ups and downs and sees each event through either his point of view or his brother's or at one point or another his father's. Ray's story is one of rock bottoms, bitter sweet redemption, deaths, and renewed faith. Good luck and may your life seem better after this.
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Cooper Donoho

You Can See the Lights Before You Hear the Sirens. (Not available.)

Lucas Eaton

The Misadventures of God (and His befuddled, lovestruck best friend). The Misadventures of God (and His befuddled, lovestruck best friend) is a book split into three separate stories: Brotherhood, which follows God's life from the beginning told through His perspective, [H]ours, which follows Lucius, God's best friend with whom He made a deal to retain memories of his past lives into the next, and The Misadventures, vignettes that chronicle God and Lucius' adventures from how God accidentally killed the dinosaurs with Lucifer, God and Lucius' part during Prohibition in Atlanta, Georgia through their distributing of red wine, and Revelations, the final part of the book that places three souls together again at the Garden of Eden, where it all started.
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Emily Fairchild

Filters. Filters, a collective piece encompassing creative nonfiction essays, short stories, and poetry, examines the myriad of influences that affect our lives and filter our perceptions. This collection includes pieces like “An Open Letter to the Friendzone”, “Advice for Tomorrow”, “Hopscotch”, “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth”, the Caretta series, multiple slam poems, and one short story infused with poetry.
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Conor Gatton

How Satellites See Hemispheres. A collection of poetry and short stories diving into the duality of joy in sorrow in everyday life.
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Ayla Jensen

The Non-Science of the Inner Wrist. A collection of poetry that approaches the beauty of human intimacy in all of its forms. "'I tried to breathe you in for the amount of time that I had you,' says Ayla Jensen in The Non-Science of the Inner Wrist. These are poems of life-- of the breath and body, of a bold and caring heart. They are full of mystery and struggle as well as a knowledge of death: 'Somewhere in this world,/someone is drowning.' Without backing down, this poet is unafraid to court danger or 'willful risk.' Yet her words also contain a strong desire to connect-- with a less-than-perfect family (and aren't they all less than perfect?), with the animal kingdom around her that she learns from and knows so well, and with her beloved. Here, poem by poem, is an attempt to make peace with absence and to say the unsayable-- in ever so many ways, and ultimately with love." -- Susan Laughter Meyers, author of My Dear, Dear Stagger Grass.
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Ellen Kitchens

The Name Beneath the Steps (No description available.)
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Harris Lyman

Out of the Water. (Not available.)

Katherine Murchison

The Afterdeath. This book explores what different people believe happens after they die.
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Alex Peeples

Miniature Leviathans : A Collection of Short Plays. Two hit men who love Thelonious Monk, argumentative diner patrons, a confused secret agent, and a slaughterhouse worker sent to assassinate Theodore Roosevelt are the subjects of the four plays you will find in Miniature Leviathans: A Collection of Short Plays by Alex Peeples. Three poems complete this darkly humorous collection, grounded in themes of modern American perceptions of masculinity.
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