Learning a second language

By : Emily Mckenna... Period: 1

What age do people normally learn their second language?

It is very common for children that are living in the environment of language, to begin speaking it.

~ They are surrounded by the language

~ They learn to speak it by hearing it

Why is it easier and better to learn a second language when you're younger?

Advantages learning it younger..

- More like to develop the accent in the language

- More time, and more likely to receive input that you're able to use

- The brain is not fully grown and is still open for the language to process it


Overall being bilingual or learning a second language is a process that takes time.. Age defines how well it will process through your mind, and how well you will remember it. Children who are bilingual have a longer time period to remember it but, they can speak more fluently and keep progressing through the years.