SMS Teacher Highlight

5th Grade Teacher Sharon Johnson

This week's teacher highlight is on Mrs. Johnson, a teacher at Spooner Middle School. Ever wonder what teachers did BEFORE they became teachers? There are lot of interesting stories out there and Mrs. Johnson is no exception. For example did you know that Mrs. Johnson used to be a park ranger??
But park rangers aren't all that different from teachers. As a park ranger, Mrs. Johnson still did a lot of teaching! She taught kids and adults alike all about nature. When asked what she liked best about being a park ranger, Mrs. Johnson shared, "I really enjoyed sharing my love of nature with others. It was great to see them get excited about it too!". We asked her what she had to study in order to become a park ranger. She said, "Well just like teaching it requires a degree. I got a degree in Environmental Education. I had to do an internship at a State Park to get on the job experience". According to Mrs. Johnson, her favorite places that she worked were State and National Parks in Colorado and also the Black Hills of South Dakota. "I really like mountains", she said.
Mrs. Johnson shared that working as a park ranger was a lot like teaching, but she prefers teaching. "Even though I got to work outside in nature, I still love coming to school every day and getting to spend time with the same kids in the classroom every day. It is so rewarding!!". Stay tuned next week when we will talk to Mr. Plote about his previous tennis career!
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