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Tech 510 - Educational Apps for the Classroom k-12th

Educational Apps for the Classroom k-12th

App Name: Dictionary


Description: Reference and vocabulary development.

Device(s): iPad, iPhone, iTouch, computer

Cost: Demo free, without adds $4.99.

Instructional Uses: Students can use voice to text searches for spelling vocabulary words across the curriculum. Can be used for pronunciation, spelling, syllabication, and thesaurus.

App Name: Lumosity


Description: Brain training that challenges your memory, attention, flexibility, speed, and problem solving. Over 70 million people worldwide have used the cognitive interactive game, in daily training, and enhances problem solving and cognitive abilities. Editor’s choice rating by Apple iTunes.

Device(s): iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and computer

Cost: In-app purchase, extra content and subscriptions that you can buy in apps on you iOS device or computer. Free demo, and paid version of Lumosity costs, $14.95/month. Full year is $6.95/month, and for a two-year subscription or one-time payment for a lifetime subscription, $299.95.

Instructional Uses: Students that have problems solving problems, and general recall, are challenging fun games that stimulate and increase brain cognition issues.

App Name: Wikipedia app


Description: Search, read, and explore Wikipedia app for iOS. Find the information for nearly 36 million articles in 300 languages. Easy of touch navigation including image galleries, multilingual support, sharing options, and can save articles for later when not online.

Device(s): iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and computer

Cost: Free online encyclopedia

Instructional Uses: 1st-12th grade research encyclopedia with timelines, biography’s, etc. Cross-curriculum uses.

App Name: StudyBlue

URL: iTunes store

Description: Online Flashcards and study guide, where you can locate your University to prepare for finals, create your own flashcards, take quizzes and review. You can read notes from other students, take, download and share class notes. 10 million students use this digital tool to get better grades.

Devices: iPad, iPhone, and iTouch

Cost: Free demo, in-app purchase, but eight subscription options to purchase per days/month/year, ranging from $8.99 to 79.99.

Instructional Uses: App uses include studying vocabulary words, preparing for exams, reviewing, and taking quizzes, collaborative sharing and sharing class notes between students.

App Name: MyHomework


Description: App organizes homework assignments and keeps your schedules mobile. Reminders, notifications, help to keep students organized and student planner.

Device(s): iPad, iPhone, and iTouch

Cost: Free demo, with in-app purchase options.

Instructional Uses: Student planner, calendar that keeps track of student’s assignments, so they will not miss their due dates, and is mobile. Middle school to high school and beyond.

App Name: Notability

URL: iTunes Store

Description: Apple editor’s choice app. App is a powerful note taker to annotate documents, record lectures, sketch illustrations, and more. Built-in iCloud.

Device(s): iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Cost: $7.99

Instructional Uses: Digital note taking app for using iPad to take photos of documents, illustrations, record lectures, and free hand sketch illustrations. Uses iCloud to transfer to iMac computer, and can be used with iPhone.

App Name: WolframAlpha


Description: Knowledge generator from mathematics, to answering questions like, “how tall is the tallest building?” to “how many satellites are visible from my location?” Generates facts, but has math applications, using maps, graphs, etc.

Device(s): iPad, iPhone

Cost: $2.99

Instructional Uses: Fact generating research App for searching for science, engineering, educational related topics, and displays in graphs, lists, and has a math component. Science, geography, and digital reference. Middle, High School uses, and beyond.