Causes of The Revolution

The End of the British

Boston Tea Party

  • Was caused by the Tea Act which was added to save the East India Company
  • Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty disguised as Indians and attacked the ships on Boston Harbor.
  • Dumped boxes of tea which are about $20,000
  • Closed Boston Harbor and all meetings until the city payed for the expenses

Boston Massacre

  • Colonists were fighting and annoying the Redcoats
  • Redcoats fought back and 5 colonists were killed.
  • The first one was an African free slave, Crispus Attucks.
  • Claim him the first one to die in the Revolution
  • Colonists proved they were ready

Proclamation of 1763

  • First law that upset ted the Colonists.
  • Claimed the land after French and Indian War.
  • Colonists were not allowed the go past the Appalachian Mountains
  • Didn't want conflicts with Natives
  • Colonists didn't care

Stamp Act

  • The Stamp Act was an act that taxed on everything!
  • Colonists were not happy
  • Revolted many times
  • Embarrassed many Loyalists.
  • Led to Boston Massacre
Causes of Revoltion Trivia

Questions for video and link

Video- Who was the 1st person to die in the Boston Massacre?

What act made Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty act like Indians?

What was the first act that made colonists mad?

Extra curriculum questions

  • Who was known as a traitor?
Who wrote Common Sense?


What made Europe do colonies?

wHAT WAS the answer to the Boston Tea Party?

Political Cartoon

It was the Join or die cartoon where Ben Franklin asked us to join so we can be united or else we would fall.