The Pulse of the Nation

Week of December 14

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Item # 1

Building Holiday Hours: Mon, Tues, and Weds both weeks, 6 am to 5:30 pm.

Closed other days.

Item #2

If you need to send a FAX, you will need to use the copy machine located in the Records room in the front office. You will need to dial a '1', hit send and you can logout and leave unless you need your confirmation page. It is the ONLY machine that has the FAX function.

Item # 3

Please note the Learning Commons will be closed on Tues. and Weds. 7:30-10 AM for Foreign Language Exams. No one will be permitted to enter and please do not send copying to Donald Duck. He will be snoozing during that time period. Thanks for you support of a great testing environment. There will also be exams taking place in rooms 202, 206, 212, 214, and 218 if you can please remind students passing in those areas to be respectful of their peers.

Item #4

7th GRADE CORE TEAM LEADERS! Please communicate with Lizzy by 12/18 the time of day you would like to administer the PLAB on 1/14. Remember, it will take 45 minutes.

Item #5

Team, specifically teachers of Math Acceleration, please complete the following google doc (click on the tab, "Q2 7th and 8th Math Acceler.") for students moving INTO or OUT of Math Acceleration. Please be reminded, that you must contact parents for any student that will be added to this list (you do not need to contact parents of students staying in Math Acceleration). Please complete this list by December 18th at 2:30pm. Please contact Lizzy or Amy W if you have questions. ​

​(Quarter Intervention Moves)​

Item #6

8th Grade Core teachers only! High School recommendations will start January 4th. Please stay tuned to the Pulse and team meetings for more information. ​

Item #7

* Public School Works videos - deadline December 15th. Click HERE

Item #8

AIR State Testing is scheduled for April 18-May 6. A more detailed team schedule is coming in 2016.

Item #9

Make this final week a great week for everyone. Your presence in the hallways before and after school; during class changes. Stepping out when they are returning from lunch will help to keep kids on task, where they belong when, and great behavior in the forefront.

Item #10

SOARING Thru the Season Schedule

Item #11

URGENT>>>>>We will be putting the Highly Qualified Teacher Status Worksheets in your mailbox today. Please confirm the information that is listed for your teaching status by checking 'No Changes' if applicable, sign and date, then return to Jodie by the end of the day on Wednesday, December 16th. If you have changes or any questions, please see Lizzy by Wednesday as well.

Item #12

Our core building TECIP team recently attended a workshop for a refresher course regarding any Traumatic Event Crisis situation we might encounter. Please note if such an incident should occur, will be notifying you via School Messenger what the next step might be, such as when a staff meeting would be taking place. Please be certain your phone numbers are updated with Jodie. This number is also the one you are notified should there be a cancellation of school.

Item #13

Congrats to Kayla and Cameron Shaw who welcomed Caroline Diane yesterday. 8' 6" and 21" long. Welcome to our new baby Nighthawk! Please see her amazing head of hair below!

Item #14

Thank you for your continued use of the copy machines in our building when your copies are under 125. Remember to send any large requests to . Sue will print directly from there and your copies are usually returned the next day. That was easy!

Item #15

Early holiday present from the Administrators and Counselors. They will not be in your team meetings this week to offer you more time to finish grading your PBA's. Should you need them to visit, please contact your Admin.

Item #16

Staff party fun for Wednesday...wear your BEST holiday sweater and if you prefer...jeans!! Special holiday treat from PTA. Friday, feel free to wear you finest holiday attire for our SOARing Thru the Seasons Concert!! MERRY MERRY!!


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14 - Orchestra Concert 7:30

15 & 16 - World Language Exams - LC Closed 7:30-10

16 - Staff Meeting 2:30 LC

17 - Band Concert 7:30

18 - Soaring Thru the Season

21 - Jan 3 - Holiday Break - Enjoy


Tech Bytes

Morning Announcements

To ensure we have time to prepare…. All announcements should be sent to Melissa Huxtable not later than 2:30 the day prior. The only exception we can currently think of is evening sports scores.

Video Tutorials

We have created a tutorial videos section on Schoology to aid both students and staff with learning how to use certain tools. We would like to build a library of frequently used videos. That is where we need your help. Please email Kyle with topics for videos that you would find helpful so that we can begin creating a robust set of videos.