April Newsletter

3-Year-Old Head Start Class

Important dates!

- Parent Committee Meeting April 17th 5:15-7:30pm

- Egg Hunt Friday April 18th

- Easter is April 20th

- Earth Day is April 22nd

- PACT is Friday April 25th

- Curriculum/Literacy Fair April 29th 5:30-7:30pm

Important Reminders

-Its getting warm outside again. Please remember to have the right kind of jacket and clothing for your children.

-If you would like to donate eggs for the Egg hunt on Friday April 18th, please bring plastic eggs with small age appropriate toys or stickers. (No candy or food items please) Bring the eggs in early so we know how many we will have.

What are we working on in school? What can we work on at home?

Our unit this month is all about things that grow. We can look for things that grow all around us. Talk about what it takes to make plants and even people grow. Talk about sun, soil, water and air. Why do we need to eat?

We have also been working really hard on following classroom rules! Tell your children how important rules are to everyone. Remind them that even you have to follow the rules. Children have to be nice to their friends and listen to adults and teachers. Sometimes children need to know that parents have to be nice to other adults and follow rules too.

Please don't forget to read to your children. Read often and encourage your children to read too.

Remember to stay safe and happy! Have a Wonderful Spring Season!

-Miss Miranda, Miss Jean, Miss Alyse, and Miss Katlyn