Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Anderson's Counseling Newsletter, Special Edition


I know we are in the middle of the summer now, but I am occasionally checking my email. During my occasional checks I am finding some themes to questions and concerns coming in - so I figured an email blast may be helpful. Hopefully you find this information useful. Keep in mind counselors will be out of the office until mid to late August, this means I will not be available for meetings, phone calls or timely email responses until that time.

Class Schedules

So, here we are, mid July and you have changed your mind concerning your schedule for next year. Well, you might be out of luck. Of course you are welcome to still email me your wishes and when I return in August I can give it my best shot - but keep in mind that teacher's schedules have already been decided based on class selections already made. If you make a request to change into a class that still has seats available, I can make the change, but if you are requesting a change to a class that is full - there is nothing I can do from my end.

If you have emailed me a request already, or do before August, I may not get back to you until schedules are printed for pick-up. At that point you will either see the change on the schedule you pick-up or you will get an email from me saying it couldn't be done.

Schedule Change AFTER Schedule Pick-Up?

If you pick up your schedule and do not like what you see, or all of a sudden have a change of interest you are going to have to go through the Schedule Change process. There will be forms available at schedule pick-up and in the counseling office once school begins. These forms will require explanations and signatures. Remember, at that point in the game - teacher's schedules are made, student's names have been set in rosters - classrooms are full. Very hard to make changes at this point.


Welcome to Senior life Class of 2017! I have been getting many emails with questions concerning college applications and transcripts. Here are some basics to get you through until we see each other in September:

  • If you want to begin working on applications over the summer you can do that - but keep in mind that for the highly selective colleges it isn't a first come, first serve style. You most likely have a deadline of November 1st to have everything submitted. After that date they will look over applications.
  • TRANSCRIPTS! At PCEP we use a service called Parchment. This is an online service that supplies student transcripts to colleges and universities. At the start of school all seniors will receive a code that gives them access to the use of the service. Once a profile is created you can request transcripts be sent to colleges, universities and Common App. Be patient, you can submit a college application without submitting a transcript. Eventually a transcript will need to be sent to complete your application, but it shouldn't stop you from submitting the bulk of an application.
  • There will be a parent meeting for all Seniors the night of Open House. At that meeting counselors will discuss the use of Parchment and the college application process. Counselors will have a meeting during the school day for seniors as well!
  • Quick Tip - if a school you are wanting to apply to offers an application on their website or an application through Common App - do the one on their website. It probably has less to do! The only time it works in your favor to do it through Common App is if you are already filling out the Common App for a school that only offers an application through Common App.

Leslie Anderson - Plymouth High School Counselor