Mrs. Coleman's Weekly News!

February 15-19!

Literacy Activities!

This week we read a big book titled, "If I Could go to Antartica" a non-fiction book explaining the weather, surroundings, and animals that live in Antartica. Everyone enjoyed the book and learning new terms this week. We created a list of animals that live in Antartica, and discussed their adaptations for the Arctic. Along with this, we discussed different habitats and which animals live in them. Everyone determined where their animal from their project lives, and explained to the class why they live there. We made a class list of what different habitats have, and what other animals live in them.

Math Skills!

This week we began weekly "number talks". Everyone is enjoying them! Number talks is a great way to build number sense. This week our two numbers were, 10 and 17. Everyone came up with different ways to show each of the numbers. They were able to use coin combinations, tally marks, addition, subtraction, base ten blocks and objects. You can practice this skill at home simply by choosing a number, and having them find objects that equal the number, drawing tallies, adding coins, etc. It is great practice for them and a lot of fun!

Science/Social Studies!

In Science this week we worked on animal booklets sorting types of animals, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. They matched pictures of each animal into correct columns to show which variety they are. They also created a food chain of a shark, and determined how "we" fit in the food chain. I am looking forward to all the animal projects and the information they have to share!

Specialty link!


Animal Diorama Projects due Thursday! Practice practice! :)