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What is suicide?

-Suicide is the act of killing oneself intentionally.

Some interesting facts:

  • Suicide is the leading cause of deaths in America.
  • Dentist and doctors make up much of the suicide rate. (Stress)
  • Much of the suicide incidents that happen around this time come from young teenagers and young adults. Ages 15-25.
  • In 2010, there were 38,364 suicides. Someone in the country committed suicide every 13 minute.
  • There is a forest in Japan, the Aokigahara forest. It is also known as "The Suicide forest", many people go here to kill themselves by starving, hanging and other ways. It is said that people who go in here to kill themselves claim that the forest is a beautiful place to die in.

Warning signs.

  • Talking or writing about death or suicide.
  • Feeling hopeless.
  • Feeling helpless.
  • Feeling trapped.
  • Feeling empty.
  • Not feeling anything at all.
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol.
  • Losing interest in activities.
  • Acting carelessly.

Steps you should take to help a suicidal friends.

  • Take action, call, text and talk to her everyday.
  • Don't keep it a secret.
  • Encourage your friend.
  • Offer support.
  • Try to help her think positive.
  • Tell an adult. (Counselor)

Personal story: Amanda Todd

October 10, 2012 was the day Amanda Todd (A young 15 year old girl, a sophomore) hung herself.

Here is how her story goes, when she was in 7th grade; she would video-chat with random strangers to meet new people. One night, someone convinced her to expose her chest. Soon after, he started to blackmail her. He told her if she did not give him a "show" he would send the topless picture to all her friends.

About two years later, when she moved to her mother's place. One early morning. a police officer came to Amanda's door and told her that her picture has appeared on the internet. News of this got around quick and she was teased and bullied everywhere she went.

She attempted to drink bleach one night but she was rushed to the hospital and her stomach flushed. After she recovered, kids still teased her. She experienced anxiety and depression. Her mom sent her to a hospital to help her with her depression and as soon as she got out, kids began calling her a "psycho".

October 10, 2012 approximately 6;00PM, she was found hanged at her house.

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