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If you read our letter (and we hope you did!) you know that behind every great band program is a great band booster organization! [remember, don't let your kiddo convince you otherwise...they just don't understand yet how important parent help is to their success!]

New band parents are like new band students because they are not new by the end of the season. First year marchers are expected to learn their music and march their drill just like the seniors. First year band parents should do the same. Do not wait a year or two to get involved. The time will go by much too quickly!

Review the list of skills/interests and committees on which you can serve that are part of the Jaguar Band Boosters by clicking the button below. Some of the occupations or professions that would be great assets to our band program are Accountants, Nurses, EMTs, Paramedics, Doctors, Welders, Equipment Operators, Electricians, Sound Technicians, Website Designers, Carpenters, Truck Drivers, Cooks, Metal Workers, Machinists, Seamstress, Planners and Organizers, and Graphic Designers.

Yes! We need YOU!

p.s. Right now we are in urgent need of volunteers that have welding or wiring skills! If you have skills in these areas, please contact Ida Musgrove at as soon as possible. And thanks in advance!

all about meal plans

SUMMER BAND MEAL PLAN includes a total of 19 meals. ($150) This covers lunches for 7/28-7/30, 8am - 4pm practices (those menus were sent out in the Meal Plan Charms email) as well as lunch and dinner for the other 8 rehearsal days that are scheduled for 8am - 9pm. (These menus will come out at a later time)

GAME DAY MEAL PLAN includes 10 dinner meals to cover 10 game days. ($80)

COMPETITION MEAL PLAN includes 18 meals. Lunch and dinner for 9 competitions. ($150) **The competition meal plan is MANDATORY! See competition section below to understand why!

all about fees

If you are in the Band's Charms system and haven't paid your fees, you should have received an email with an invoice from the Band Secretary, Mrs. Tracye Mendez. If you haven't received an email and have not paid your fees, please contact Mrs. Mendez as soon as possible at To pay your fees through RevTrak, click the button below.

When you go to the RevTrak site to pay your fees, you will see 3 different categories. Please know that the section titled "Fair Share" is the fee that should be paid by woodwinds, brass and percussion students. ($375) Students participating in fall color guard should pay the color guard supply fee ($500). Students participating in marching band in the Fall and Winter Guard in the Spring will need to pay an additional $130 by January to cover Winter Guard costs. If your student is using a school-owned instrument, there is a separate "instrumental rental fee". ($125)

These fees cover costs such as new member summer uniforms, performance top, drill designers, music writers, guest clinicians, marching techs, program designer, drivers, props, tarps, and flags. Come to a booster meeting to see how your fees are spent!

  • For NEW wind and percussion members "summer uniform" includes black polo, khaki shorts, and black marching shoes, water jug, and cap. Returning members who need a new summer uniform or a new water jug will be given the opportunity to re-order.
  • For ALL color guard members "summer uniform" includes game day uniform, black capri leggings, guard shoes, guard gloves, body shaper and uniform jacket. Fee will also cover cost of water jug for new members. Returning members who need a new water jug will be given the opportunity to re-order.

Details regarding fee amounts are included on RevTrak. Questions about fees? Contact Mrs. Mendez at


What you need to KNOW before summer band:

  • Every wind/percussion student MUST wear a PLAIN WHITE tshirt to band (no graphics). You can purchase these at any retail store. We recommend you purchase several. Please know that the students will be writing their marching number on the shirt with permanent marker.
  • Color Guard members will wear different color shirts as a team. (i.e. all wear blue or gold) More information will be sent soon regarding color guard summer band wear.
  • Every Band student (remember, “band” includes winds, percussion, and guard) MUST bring the band-issued WATER JUG. Make sure names are on the top (no writing or stickers on sides. Remember, this jug is part of the uniform) New members will receive their band water jug before summer band as part of their new member band package. Returning members who need a new water jug will be given the opportunity to re-order.
  • We highly recommend sunscreen, hats and sunglasses! While the directors do try to schedule indoor rehearsals during the heat of the day and boosters do staff a first aid/shaded tent during outdoor practice, it is Texas!
  • Again, summer band is hard! It’s hot and it’s physical! Make sure you are ready for it! Exercise and get outside in the sun! Begin hydrating several days prior to starting, limit dehydrating soda (caffeine), etc. Don’t wait until summer band starts…trust us!
  • Attendance at summer band practices is mandatory. It is SUPER important that every member attends! WHY you ask? A students absence creates practice issues for the rest of the band. If a student is missing it becomes that much harder for the other members to practice keeping correct spacing or to accurately learn spots because the absence creates holes in the spacing. Absences also mean that when the absent student returns, the student may be behind or lost – again impacting the practice and performance of the whole. Keep in mind: practice doesn’t make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect! With that said, we know things come up – just make sure to communicate with the directors!


  • July 28-30, 8am-4pm
  • August 2-6, 8am - 9pm
  • August 9-11, 8am - 9pm
  • August 12-13, time TBD
  • August 16 - 18, time TBD

What you need to DO before summer band:

FEES: You should have received an email from Johnson High School Band, aka Mrs. Tracye Mendez (subject: Financial Statement 2021-2022) If you did not receive an email, please contact Mrs. Mendez ASAP at

REGISTRATION: If you enrolled for band/guard next year or you have contacted the band about enrollment, you and your student should already be registered in the band Charms system. This is the system the band and guard use for emails and calendars. See Charms login info below. If you are unable to login, please contact Mrs. Mendez ASAP at

REQUIRED FORMS to turn in before summer band begins. See buttons below.

Sign up for COMMUNICATIONS: (In addition to Charms)
ALL JAGUAR BAND STUDENTS AND PARENTS: Sign up for Remind 101. Remind 101 are communications from the band directors.
  • Students: Text the phrase @jagsmarch to 81010
  • Parents: Text the phrase @jagbandpts to 81010

Communications between PARENTS: A lot of your questions can be answered by veteran parents, who we refer to as PARENT SECTION LEADS. These parents have agreed to be a resource to the parents of each section. This is the place where you can ask questions such as "is there practice tomorrow?" "how do I get another water jug"? etc! These parents also will regularly push out information or reminders to their sections. Those parents will receive contact information for their sections and reach out to you directly with how to communicate. This contact will occur before summer band so stay on the lookout for an email from your parent section lead!

Jaguar CG Parents on GroupMe. This GroupMe is for Jaguar CG Parents. This will be the forum we use for color guard specific discussions and information. Click here to join:

What you need to PURCHASE before summer band:

  • Purchase UNIFORM parts
    • Winds and percussion MUST have black, long socks and black compression wear (shirt and shorts) to be worn under uniform. No specific brand. These items can be purchased at any retailer. VETERANS: heads up! inspection will include the compression wear next year!
    • Heads up! “Performance hair” is part of the uniform! Winds and percussion, who will be wearing hats next year, are typically required to wear hair up and away from the face. Doing this correctly requires comb, water bottle, hair spray, and bobby pins. Stock up!
    • We highly recommend you purchase the band duffel bag. This purchase is not required but helps A LOT! Students can keep all of their band items in this duffel – that way, come game day or competition day, everything is in one place! The Boosters will 'open' an online store soon where you can purchase items such as the duffel bag. Keep an eye out for our emails and Facebook posts!

Requires doctor visit. Due before 1st day of summer band. (SLT 7/26; full band 7/28)


A “normal” competition day:

Please know now that competition days are all day long – meaning a typical competition day starts at 7am and the students do not return to the school until around 11pm. And, yes, this applies to all students. Unless you have worked something out in advance with the band directors (or there is an emergency), all students will travel to and from the competition with the band. This is no longer Middle School! meaning it is not typical for students to leave early with their parents. The team stays together – all day.

The long day typically looks something like this: If it is an early check-in time, boosters will provide breakfast items. If mid-morning or later, please make sure your student eats breakfast on competition days!

Students rehearse at the school before heading to the competition site. After rehearsal, they might have the lunch meal and change into uniform. Next is inspection. Section Leaders will check that students have full uniform (includes gloves, socks and shoes), competition hair (more on that later), band water jug (yes, it must be the one issued by the band as it is part of the uniform).

After check-in and parking in the designated area at the competition site, they have to get into full uniform and proceed to warm-up at their designated time. After warm-up, they will proceed to the holding area. Then they perform. After performing, students return to buses, remove performance tops/jackets (they remain in basic uniform), put up instruments/equipment and help load the trailer. At this time they will get their lunch meal plan.

Then they typically watch other bands until scores are announced. Depending on the structure of the competition and their score, it is possible that they will perform again in finals. If they make finals, at this time students will head back to have dinner meal plan and then head to buses to get fully dressed again and repeat! (head to warm-up, holding, perform, wait for scores). Bottom line: It is a LONG, demanding day and they will get home LATE!

What you need to know to prepare for competition days:

  • Meal Plans for competition days are required. We do not manage the competitions so we cannot guarantee lunch or dinner times; they happen when they happen. And with such long and hot days, it is important that the students eat. Therefore, it is just best for the students to be on the competition meal plan.
  • Attendance at competitions is mandatory. Below are the dates and links to the Fall marching competitions. These can also be found on the Band Charms calendar which we highly recommend you sync with your phone. Plan Now! Conflicts? Submit the Conflict Form to ASAP!
  • Specific times for the Jaguar Band performances and travel will be distributed by our directors closer to the date of the competition – after details are provided by the hosts of the competitions.
  • Don't make plans to be out of town on Saturdays during September and October. There will be a band competition almost every Saturday. Sync your calendars with Charms!
  • We recommend you note stadium requirements regarding clear bags.

Jaguar Band 2021 Competition Schedule:

Sat 9/18 Thunder in the Hills – percussion only (Dripping Springs)

Sat 9/25 Champion Classic Marching Festival (Boerne)

Sat 10/2 BOA (Midland) Info re: location, tickets, parking, etc will be updated HERE

Sat 10/9 Westlake Marching Festival Info will be updated HERE

Tues 10/19 UIL Region Marching Band Contest Info will be updated HERE

Sat 10/23 UIL Area Marching Band Contest Info will be updated HERE

Mon. 11/1-11/2 UIL 5A State Marching Contest [11/1 Prelims; 11/2 Finals]

Info re: location, tickets, parking, etc will be updated HERE

Fri. 11/5 BOA Super Regional Semi-Finals (San Antonio – Alamodome)

Info re: location, tickets, parking, etc will be updated HERE

Sat. 11/6 BOA Super Regional Finals (San Antonio - Alamodome)

*11/6 depends on whether the Jag Band makes finals.

all about after school practices

  • Practices "end" at the time on the calendar BUT that is not the time that your student will be getting in your car to go home! Students help put away equipment/props, put up their instruments - and lets face it, spend time talking to their friends before leaving the band hall! Band friendships is one of the greatest parts about being in band! So bring a book or just plan on picking your student up 15 - 20 minutes after practices "ends"!
  • Parents are welcome to watch practices! Bring a folding chair and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Jaguar Band! Just remember that we don't go on the field or approach our kiddos when they are practicing!
  • Your children will make their best grades during marching season! Even with the evening practices. Trust us!
  • Make sure your kiddos take their white shirts and band-issued water jugs to school! (parent hint: the band duffel bags are really helpful with this!)

all about game days

  • Students typically remain at the school on game days as game day schedules are very tight. Students will typically start preparing for game days upon school release or before the school day ends. Students must eat dinner, load instruments/equipment, check out uniform and hat (when in full uniform), get dressed, and pass inspection with section leader before loading buses. Departure has to take into consideration travel and unloading time.
  • Dismissal: Upon return from games, students must unload, put away instruments/equipment, and check in their uniforms - so please know that takes time - especially with a large group! (If you would like for it to go faster, please sign up for uniform crew! ;-) Heads up! To be checked in and released, the uniforms must be hung correctly. If a student hands in a uniform that is not hung correctly, he/she will be sent to the end of the line to fix it.
  • Percussion and other large instruments will also need to help unload the trailer.

all about uniforms

  • Practice Uniform: White shirt (provided by parents). Worn for Summer band and after/before school practices.
  • "Summer Uniform": Black Polo, khaki shorts, cap, marching shoes (issued by band), black belt and long black socks. The summer uniform is worn during marching season for games and events in August and part of September; this does not change annually. The band-issued items are provided for 1st year students. Parents will have to purchase replacement pieces as needed for following years.
  • "Formal Uniform": This uniform does not change annually. It is provided by the band program and is property of the band. The full uniform is worn during marching season for Fall pictures and some football games - typically after the first few (very hot) games! For wind and percussion students, this includes the black overalls ("bibbers"), shirt, and jacket. Parents only need to provide long black socks and compression shirts and shorts to be worn under the uniform. For color guard, this is the Johnson tunic, black capri pants, and guard shoes.
  • "Show Uniform": This changes annually depending on the theme of the show. It is provided by the band program every year and is property of the band. For wind and percussion students, this is usually a "performance top" that is worn over the 'bibbers' (pant overalls from formal uniform). Parents only need to provide tall black socks and compression shirts and shirts to be worn under the uniform. For color guard, this is typically a full costume.
  • Concert Uniform: Black pants and white dress shirt or black dress. The concert uniform is used for concerts (Winter and Spring) and UIL concert competition that typically occurs in April. These uniform items are provided by band program every year and is property of the band. Parents only need to provide tall black socks and/or black shoes.

other things you will want to know

  • The boosters will soon roll out a new REDESIGNED website where you can find ALL of this information! The updated redesign will make it easier for you to find what you need and stay connected to the Jaguar Band!
  • There will be a 'picture day' early in summer band on which students will be fitted for their formal marching uniforms and take their pictures. We will send out that date once it is set with our photographer. Students must wear compression clothing on this day! Once the pictures are ready, order packets/info will be sent out.
  • Before the football season begins, the Celebration committee will post times on the Jaguar Band Facebook page when families can gather to help each other make spirit signs.
  • Some families like to make 'big head' signs. Our photographer will provide an opportunity to purchase these. These are ready to go when you receive them. Many families will make their own. Walgreens periodically offers 50% off poster deal that provides an affordable alternative.
  • Send offs! On competition days, band families gather at the Dahlstrom MS parking lot to cheer on our kiddos as the buses pass by on their way to the competition. This is when you get to use those signs! (times will be provided via newsletters and Facebook)
  • Each marching season the band will offer what is referred to as the 'show shirt'. This shirt will have the theme of the marching show on it. Jaguar Band families will look for each other in the competition stadium to sit with each other and cheer on the Jag Band. These matching shirts make us more visible to our kiddos when they march into the stadium!
  • At competitions, celebration committee members will pass out pom poms and signs for families to make noise as the Jaguar Band enters the field! (just make sure to give them back ;-)
  • Heads up! It is typical for the "show" (the marching routine they learn) to change during the season. Directors reassess based on feedback from judges. Help your student remain flexible!
  • There will be A LOT of fundraisers! It costs a lot of money to put on a competitive show in the marching world these days. In order to make sure these costs do not have to be covered by fees, the boosters work hard to raise the needed funds.
  • Best way to stay informed? Attend booster meetings, Check your email, Sign up for Remind 101, and Follow us on Facebook @johnsonjaguarband

To log into the parent/student/member area, the school code is: JohnsonJaguarBand. The password is your students' Hays CISD ID#. Once you log-in it will ask you to change your password.

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