Eternal Rest Funeral Home


We are here to make this hard time a little bit easier

Eternal Rest Funeral Home has been in business for 50 years. Not only do we make sure everything is take care of in regards to the deceased, but we also make sure the family and friends have everything they need.

Our Services:

Individual Wants

People have different beliefs and religion that can have a big say in how to plan their funeral and afterlife process. We are here to help figure out how we can best honor the deceased and make sure we follow their wants correctly. We will help you in researching how to go about the funeral, and if they have a preference on burial or cremation.

Family Wants

Not only does a funeral have to honor the passed, it has to help the family with the grieving process. We want to ensure that family and friends feel comfortable, and they focus more on the good, rather than the bad. We offer guest books, subtle music, picture slide shows, and break room where family and friends can grab snacks and drinks. If there is something else that would make the time easier, we are always willing to accommodate needs.

Economic Factors

Everyone thinks having a nice funeral means breaking the bank, but this is not true. We offer payment plans for the service, along with great deals and packages to pick from. There is something for every budget, and we guarantee a nice funeral and service.
Located off Main Street in Owosso, Michigan, we are easy to find and always willing to answer any questions. Don't hesitate to call and set up a consultation. We want to make this process easy and stress free.