Freak the mighty

Loyalty to friends

Book Title

Freak and Max are very loyal to each other. When Max is struggling with school Freak helps him to understand. Also, when Freak needs Max to go on adventures Max is always there for him. When Freak and Max are being chased by Tony D. Max trusts Freak and they go into the water.

The conflict and outcome is Max vs Killer Kane.

Killer Kane kidnaps Max and Max is about to be killed. Freak comes running in with a squirt gun and hits him in the eyes so he can't see and Max can escape. If Freak wouldn't have come in and saved his friend then Max wouldn't be alive. Also, when Max was going through a rough time with his father being in jail Freak was there for Max and helped him through it. Freak was being a good friend.

Freak helps Max when he's struggling with school.

Max has a very hard time with school. He doesn't understand what the teachers are saying. Freak helps Max. As Max says "I never had a brain until Freak came along and let me borrow his for a while, and that't the truth, the whole truth." He teaches Max how to understand what the teachers are saying. He also teaches him how to read and write. He is a great friend to max.

Max and freak different, one way because Freak is very small and Max is very tall and strong. Also Max is not very smart and Freak is very smart.

Even though Max and Freak are different they accept eachother and they always have eachothers backs. Max carries Freak everywhere because of his bad leg. Freak helps him with school. He also gives him and imagination and takes him on vacations. They both are very good friends to eachother.