Texas School Procedures, LLC

May 2019 Newsletter

Texas Rural Educators Association (TREA)

TxSP will be one of the vendors and sponsors for the TREA Conference this summer, June 21-23, at the DFW Marriott Hotel & Golf Club in Ft. Worth, TX. We will be presenting a workshop on Threat Inquiry that dives into the why, who, when, and how to proceed if a student threatens to harm another or the campus. All protocols/processes and documentation are based on research-based best practices. Come and join us!

Most Recent Updates

Training Section

  • TxSP has posted a power point presentation with talking points for districts to use to train their administrators in progressive documentation when considering moving an employee toward non-renewal or termination.
  • The goal is to gradually develop powerpoint presentations for this section that will accompany and prepare various staff members to look at overviews, protocols, and documentation.
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