App Smashing

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 -- 8:00 - 3:20

Our Mastery Objective

Morning: Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the basics of app smashing by creating a final product with two or more apps.

Afternoon: Participants will demonstrate an understanding of advanced tech integration by updating a classroom lesson using an app smash.

Check your DISTRICT EMAIL for a link to this Smore flyer!
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8:00 - 8:30 -- Getting Started!

  1. Welcome & introductions
  2. Take your breaks as needed!
  3. Connections -- Join the Google+ community USD 443 Share
Task 1: Join the USD 443 Share community on Google+

A Google+ community is a controlled social site that allows users to share updates, links, pictures, and videos. This will be a great place for workshop participants to share our work and learn from each other. Jayne and Kara are just starting to explore Google+, so be patient with us as we learn along with you :-)

To access your Google+ page (you automatically have one associated with each of your Google accounts), simply log in to your school Google account ( and click on the +YourName in the upper right portion of your Google Drive page.

To join USD 443 Share, click on Home in the upper left of the Google+ page, hover over Communities, and then use the Search Bar to search for USD 443 Share. Jayne and Kara will quickly approve your request.

8:30 - 9:00 -- SAMR and App Smash Connection

As a brief introduction to App Smashing, please watch the EDpuzzle video below and complete the embedded items. Edpuzzle videos work great on your iPads, and we've set this Edpuzzle video up so that you don't have to be logged in as a student to complete it.

Edpuzzle has also allowed us to snip about 8 minutes out of an hour-long Tech Educator podcast. This section features Jon Corippo, an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) and ed tech presenter, explaining the origins of app smashing and a little about how it can work in your classroom.

Task 1: Click on the Edpuzzle link below, watch the video, and complete the items as directed

**Ask Jayne or Kara how to use Edpuzzle WITHOUT log ins, yet still hold students accountable for the work!

9:00 - 10:30 -- App Smash Challenges 1 & 2

If you haven't already, please download Pic Collage and Tellagami on your iPad!

Task 1: Complete the Pic Collage and Tellagami Smash! -- Challenge 1 (link to PDF, which may be easier to read)
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Task 2: Share your completed App Smash Challenge 1 projects AND comment as to what level of SAMR you feel this project reflects
Task 3: Complete Challenge 2 individually or with a partner. Use 2-3 apps of your choosing. Be ready to share and reflect on the SAMR/thinking level connection

Challenge 2 -- Using this article as a resource, answer this question in your smash: How will you help students make good choices with apps such as this available to them?

Task 4: Let's Publish Our Work! Choose one of your projects and "publish" it in our USD 443 Share community in Google+. Figuring out how to get a project from your camera roll to a web site is a great brain exercise. Holler if you need help! Also, you can always take the easier way out and take a screen shot of your project and upload the image--tons easier, but you lose the magic of your work :-)

10:00 - 11:20 -- App Dice

App Dice are a fun way to "force" users to think creatively, Users know what their goal is, but they have NO CONTROL over how to get their. App Dice can also be used to give users choices. Roll the dice 3 times to see what 3 apps users are going to be challenged to use with a task.

Task 1: Create a set of App Dice. Here's a tutorial.

Task 2: Attach your dice to this ThingLink to share with others -- talk about App Smashing!

**So...what SAMR level are we working at?

LUNCH -- 11:20 - 12:00

As you settle in for the afternoon session of App Smashing, please log in to your school Google account AND make sure you are set up in Google+. You can find a link to this Smore flyer in your DISTRICT EMAIL inbox.

If you are new to Google+, just click on your +name in the upper right of your Google Drive page. Follow the instructions to get set up in Google+. We will use Google+ later this afternoon to share and learn from one another.

To join the Google+ Community we'll use this afternoon, click on Home in the upper left, and then click on Communities. Use the Search Bar in the upper right of this screen to search for USD 443 Share. Follow your on-screen instructions to join this Community.

12:00 - 1:00 -- Challenge 3 -- A Warm-Up & Welcome for Afternoon Folks!

  1. Are you on Google+ (see instructions above)?
  2. Want an overview of App Smashing? See the video below!
App Smashing
Task 1: Warm up for the afternoon session by completing Challenge 3

Challenge 3 -- Think of a concept you commonly teach at your level. Create a Check for Understanding you could use with your students using at least 2 apps

Examples (Check for Understanding structures)
  • 3-2-1: Students write on paper, white board, etc: 3- Key ideas or important words; 2- Examples or words from the content; 1- Summary Statement or question that might be asked on a test
  • Bump in the Road: Teacher asks students to write down a point they find confusing about the topic of instruction: a “bump in the road” in their learning. Students write down something from the lesson that they find confusing or a skill or concept that they find difficult. Teachers can collect the responses to review, or form small groups and ask students to share their “bumps” and seek clarification. If everyone in a group has the same problem, then the group shares with the whole class.

  • Gallery/ Graffiti Wall: The teacher poses a question to which students respond. Student responses are posted on the wall for all to view. There is a display of student responses to teacher-generated questions--images, computer graphics, single words or phrases, drawings, etc.

Examples (App Combos)

  • Camera Roll + Google Slides
  • Camera Roll + Padlet
  • Explain Everything (or other white board app) + email
  • Notability + email

Task 2: Create a sense of community by sharing your creation in the USD 443 Share Google+ community. Check out each other's creations & comment!

1:00 - 2:00 -- Wacky App Challenge

Task 1: Be creative and sell the best Pool Floaty using the apps THROWN IN THE DICE ROLL

We know that any APP or SITE is NOT the focus of a learning goal, but having to deal with an unknown variable in a task puts an extra level of thinking into a task and can help us ADULTS learn to better think outside our boxes!

Task 2: Throw an app! Roll the dice, see what app you get, and explain how you might use this app in a task. Again, we're working on loosening up our creative gears a bit!

2:00 - 3:20 -- App Smash Challenge 4

Task 1: Help! This lesson is BORING!!! Think of a lesson that you feel needs help. How can you raise your students' level of thinking with an App Smash? Create an example and short presentation for the group using apps of your choosing

Be ready to share
  • Explain lesson
  • Explain change (SAMR level)
  • Demo