Dan Hamilton C47

Do candles burn more slowly if placed in the refrigerator?

Investigative question

Do candles burn more slowly if placed in the refrigerator?


If candles are placed in the refrigerator then, they will burn very slowly and the flame will be very small and if left in the refrigerator long enough then it will go out.


Independent variable- Placing a lit candle in the refrigerator

Dependent variable- The candle will burn more slowly in the refrigerator

Controlled variable- Same candle, same refrigerator, same lighter, same amount of coolness being released in the refrigerator, same area where candle is being placed.


I had: 1 candle, 1 lighter, and I had my refrigerator to put the candle in.

My procedures. (What I did)

  1. Get candle

  2. Get a lighter

  3. Go to refrigerator

  4. Light candle

  5. Place the lit candle in refrigerator
  6. Watch how long the candle burns for

My data (What happened)


How long the candle burned in the refrigerator.

Qualitative Data


47 Seconds

The flame was normal but it kept getting smaller and smaller and went out.


48 Seconds

Same as last time the flame got really small and went out.


46 seconds

The same thing happened again and it went out.


53 Seconds

This time I let the candle burn for a minute then placed it in the refrigerator.



My conclusion

If a candle was placed into a refrigerator then the flame will get smaller and go out. It got kind of hard to see the candle but I put it in one of those see through refrigerator cabinets and that is how I could test my experiment.