Dachau Concentration Camp



Dachau concentration camp was the first camp to be established and was exemplary for later camps, theses camps were also called a "school of violence". Dachau existed for twelve years and in those twelve years over 200,000 people were thrown into these camps as prisoners and held against their will. 41,500 people were murdered in these concentration camps. on April 29, 1945 the American troops feed the survivors of the camp.


Early in 1937, the S.S we using the Dachau prisoners as slaves and forced them to construct the large complex buildings on the ground of the original Dachau camp, but before they could build anything they had to tear down the old facility. they then completed the task they were given by the middle of August in 1938, the camp then stayed the same until 1945. Dachau was ran until the Third Reich.

Dachau's percentage of Jews grew bigger as they began to persecute during November 10th-11th. After Kristallnacht happened, over 10,000 Jewish men were interned there mainly because the men there had arrangement's to emigrate from Germany.


The S.S concentration camp guards trained at the Dachau camp. The camps organization and routine became the model for all of the Nazi concentration camps. The camp was then divided into two different branches. One was called the camp area and the other was called camp Crematoria area. Camp area had 32 barrack's. The head of the camp was located in the gatehouse which is at the main entrance. The kitchen, the laundry room, , the workshop, the showers, and the bunkers were all in the camp area. Between the Prison and the central kitchen, there was a courtyard which was used to execute the prisoners. There was barbed wire fences surrounding the premises, as well as ditches, and guard towers all around.


In Dachau camps as well as many other Nazi camps, the German physicians did medical experiments on the innocent prisoners. This included using malaria, decompression chambers, tuberculosis experiments, hypothermia experiments, and also testing new medicine on all of the prisoners. The prisoners had no choice but to do what the Germans wanted.

Camp Leader

The first leader of Dachau was Hilmar Wäckerle. He had been charged with murder in the death of a prisoner. Hitler overturned his conviction quickly and later Himmler wanted new leadership for the camp.

The second leader was Theodor Eicke who was very quick to set the daily rules and regulations for Dachau that would soon become the regulations and rules of the other camps. Prisoners had to follow these rules because if they didn't they would have very serious consequences such as having death penalties. Anyone who tried to escape the camp was immediately killed.