Arctic Light K-8

Do Good Work, Be a Friend, Every Day - May 16, 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • May 16th - Field Day: 4th-8th will be in the AM, K-2 in the afternoon
  • May 17-19th - Early Outs; students go home at 1pm
  • May 17th - Kindergarten Graduation 11am in Gym
  • May 19th - last day for students
  • May 27th - last day that our school office is open

Principal's Message - Keep Learning

Ninety Days of Summer - Keep Learning.

This week our students will receive workbooks to support their summer learning. With minimal guidance students should be able to complete a day's lesson in 15 minutes. Parents can then review their child's work and set new learning goals.

Covid has created obstacles including many missed learning opportunities. Take advantage of these next months to stay academically strong if not advance some subject areas. Summer is a wonderful time but should not come at an academic cost. Daily learning keeps academic skills sharp and can get many students over their learning humps.

After the last day of school, the next time I see folks may be at the end of July - National Night Out. The fair is put on by North Haven Communities and has lots of booths. Bring your completed workbooks to the Arctic Light table and pick-up your prize.

I'll be checking my email all summer. Send me a message if you have a question or concern.

Thank you for being our partners in your child's education.

Do Good Work, Be a Friend, Every Day.

Principal Keener

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Summer Academic Workbooks

  • Wednesday, we will give each student a workbook to keep their academic skills sharp over the summer.
  • The workbook is broken into three 20-daily lessons (3 months worth).
  • The simplest thing to do is have your student start at Day 1 and finish a day's lesson at each sitting: about 15 minutes.
  • Review your child's work and set new work goals each day.
  • At the back of the book are answers, certificates, flashcards and stickers to make the learning fun.
  • Completed workbooks can be turned in next year for prizes
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Funny Monday

My ability to make a fire using only stone, stick and twigs

Is matchless.

Barbecues are a great way to ketchup with friends.

Barbecues are the best, you've really got to relish the moments.

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Upcoming Post Library Events

The Post Library has some fun upcoming events in May!

The 2022 Summer Reading Program kick-off is on May 14th from 1200-1400 at the Post Library. "Read Beyond the Beaten Path" and sign up for adventure this summer at your Post Library.
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Alaska Report Card for Arctic Light K-8

This link goes to the State Report Card for Arctic Light

School Calendar 2022-2023

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Free 'Ready Raven' Summer Program for Kindergarteners

Click Here for the Ready Raven Summer Program

Alaska 'District' Report Card for FNSBSD

This link goes to the State Report Card for FNSBSD

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UAF Summer Camps

Your First Step is

Go to to apply for "free or reduced" lunches or download the app. Qualifying students will receive a scholarship to the Summer camp that takes the price from $230 to $25. After you finish applying on, fill out the scholarship form below and

contact Ms. LaSota at the school at 907-356-2038.

UAF Camp Information Linked Here

Explore the many summer camp opportunities

Parents Guide to the Curriculum

One of the best guides to our grade level teaching expectations.

Big picture Free/ Reduced Meal Application

Takes a few minutes - will save you a bundle and support our school's academic programs