Medieval Miller

By: Courtney, Graham, Terrence

About The Miller

  • The Miller works in a mill and goes to his near by bakery to bake bread for the whole community.
  • He is an upper class man due to the fact that he has a steady income and active job.
  • He ran two types of ovens. One for public use(that he baked for the peasants) and one for nobles.
  • The miller ground the flour, baked the bread, and sold it. He determined the prices. However if the time came, nobles could force the miller to bake for under normal prices, this way people didn't starve.
  • One thing Chaucer didn't include was that if the miller wanted extra money, he could fill a pond with fish.
  • A corresponding role of today might be someone who works in the food service industry. Ex. Baker, personal cook.
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Prologue Paraphrase and Personality Description

The miller short and brawny. He had a beard and a wart on his nose. The red hair also came out of his ears and he was always talking. The miller wore a blue hood and a white coat.

Lines 559-573 describe his features best.

The lines that describe his personality is: 574-579, an example of this is: his hand was a master at stealing grain.

The words that describe him the best is: Chap of 16 Stone.

The Prologue Paraphrased

The Miller was very brawny, he would win against any foe at wrestling, he was short but he could take any door off a hinge, or head butt it and break it. He had a red beard, and it was shaped like a spade, there was a wart on his nose that was hairy. He had red hair coming out of his ears, He big black nostrils, and a sword on his hip, and a big mouth.


The Chaucer's Opinion to this character is... That the miller only is trying to make himself more wealthy, and he is very dishonest.

Words that tell me this is" An honest miller hath a golden thumb." Which implies that he only does stuff for himself

Words to know/word choice


Accrue:to come as gain; accumulate

Courtliness: refined behavior; elegance