Neuse River

by: Jazmin, Brion

Where is the river basin located in North Carolina (Headwaters & Mouth) ?

The Neuse river basin begins NW of Durham NC in a 10-acre farm pond which is headwaters of the eno-from there it goes to falls, lakes, located on North side of Raleigh NC

How many miles of stream and river are included in the basin ?

40 mles of streams & rivers are included in the basin. It's North Carolina's fourth largest basin and contains roughly one-sixth of the state's population.

How many people live in the basin ?

More than 1,500,000 people (1/6 North Carolina population)

describe the river basin

A. List 5 important places/ land forms in your river basin.

crab trees, swift and contented creeks and the Enos, little and Trent rivers and places around this river basin are New Bern, Raleigh, Kinston, Goldsboro, Durham, Smithfield

B. Describe 2 specific Non point source pollution's in the basin.

As one of the countries most polluted watershed, two non point pollution's are construction and falling septic systems. Construction can cause pollution by workers building near the river and using oil and cement for example. Failing septic systems can cause pollution by getting filth in the water.

C. Describe 2 point source pollution's in the basin

Point sources are municipal waste water (treatment facilities and package treatment plants.)These pollute by getting filth i the water and waste.

D. Give 1 solution to the Non point source pollution problems in your river basin

Make the construction workers stop building things around the river so nothing can leak or get in the Neuse river.

E. Give 1 solution to the point source pollution problem in your river basin.

Don't allow wasteful waters into the Neuse river basin. Try building stuff far away from the river and try not to allow trash into the storm drains by not littering.