Numbers Memory Match

App Review and Presentation by Alexandra Kimball

Who created the app?

Eggroll Games

Eggroll Games was created by a parent who sought to find child-friendly apps for his daughter but ended up creating them instead. Now the apps are created by many parents and teachers to give a high quality experience.

Math Concepts

Number Identification

Grade Levels

This app is for grades pre-k through 1st grade

Pros and Cons

Pros: Fun music playing in the background, friendly voice that speaks whenever you touch something, clear instructions, free, engaging, eye appealing, and easily accessible.

Cons: Only goes up to the number 5, have to pay for more features, and no settings to turn music or the voice off.

DOK Levels

This app is at a DOK level 1 and maybe a 2 for the younger children.

Higher Level Questions

1. How did you know that the cards you chose were the correct ones?
2. In what ways could we make the game more challenging?
3. Could we add any other math concepts into this game, such as adding?